The Day I Sold My Soul To Google

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When I started out as a blogger all I wanted to do was write about the crazy and stupid things I had done in life and the many lessons I learned while doing them. That was it! But somewhere along the line I stumbled upon a thing called google analytics and google adsense. The former was a detailed measure of visits to a website and the latter was a money machine that rewarded bloggers financially for those site visits. I became instantly fascinated with the two tools and started reading and studying extensively on the both of them. My goal was to improve my site visits so that I could increase the number of people clicking my google adsense links. That was my primary focus! So I would write my blogs posts laced with the right type of keywords as prescribed in the numerous adsense manuals and laced with just the right amount of links that would optimize my blog clickability (not a real word…but me thinks it should be real!). After about 2 months of keywording my blogs I had made a grand total of less than $5! For the effort I had put in my reward was somewhat <insert your own word>. But I am glad it happened, because that period of adsense madness produced one of my most inauthentic writings. It was as if I had sold my writing soul to the devil google.

So one day I pulled off all the google adsense, keyword click searches and ridiculous apparatus I had rigged my site with and started blogging from my heart again. Over the years (but not overnight) my writing improved, my viewership increased and my listserv grew…today I see a lot of bloggers blogging. But their only reason for blogging is to make money or become the most googled blog in the world. So they write not in their own voice but in the voice of google.

If you are a blogger and you are fidgeting with the idea of google adsense and all that other stuff, there is nothing wrong with that, but if it detracts from the purity of your content…stop! Readers can smell fakeness and moreover it waters down your brand. Write from your heart on topics you truly care for, don’t write an entertainment blog post because that is what is popular. Instead, write on entertainment because you truly care about who Kanye West slapped yesterday night entertainment and your readers will feed off your passion.

Keep writing and stay awesome.

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17 comments on “The Day I Sold My Soul To Google

  1. I am with you. I almost fell for it, but I decided to stick to why I started a public blog and if my content do change…it is because it is where my heart is going. Personally for me, I get jaded wording SEO blogs for my clients. I am not interested in doing it on my own blog.

    I stay conscious of some terms, but I don’t make it a do or die issue. I also like how you mentioned over the years, not over night…so important for anyone anywhere dreaming and working towards success.

  2. Ofili: So you mean if you had made more than $5, say $ 5, 000 in those two months you wouldn’t have changed?

    Like AdeOla said though, it’s important that you emphasized that your writing changed over the years and not overnight. Consistency has its rewards. Don’t undermine your readers’ intelligence. True talk.

  3. do you ever believe dat you wil become a writer one day n if i may ask where do you base above all i respect your zeal towards life nd hw can you defined achievement in ur own views

  4. i got on board with adsense recently… who wouldn’t want to make money as easily as Linda Ikeji? How much have i earned since? well not enough to mail me a cheque. But i can’t be bothered with changing my content for cash… i just write with the flow and if the flow is right, then hurray for the money.(did i just make sense)
    Oh well, long and short is i endorse this post, true talk!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story in such an honest way. I’ve only ever blogged for the joy of it; never to make money. But this is great advice for those who do.
    Found you through Twitter, BTW.

  6. I really like this article. It is great to make money from your blog but that should not be the only reason to start a blog. In the end great content wins. You have to give people a reason to keep coming back.

  7. Queenlly Pearl on said:

    First time on ur blog and i know who relentless is. The writin style is very familiar.actually a fan of her’s or is it his?;) Email me free copies of laziness and i’l tell u. *winks*

  8. Crazy is one word to discribe you, and i mean that in a good way!
    when i started blogging, making money was the last thing on my mind. i have fun doing my little rubbish, its my own way of letting out steam.
    and thanks for reminding me never to lose my voice all in the quest of money making.

  9. Bro, this is just awesome. It’s like an answer I’ve longed for: write from your heart, put in the writing hours (improvement comes over the years not overnight), ditch all em google junks. Thanks for this. Really, thanks.

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