10,000 Simple Ways To Become A Genius Eventually

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Principle of 10,000 states that the magic number for genius is 10,000. In other words, for you to become a genius at anything you have to spend at least 10,000 hours doing it…

So if you want to become a genius at painting you have to have at least done 10,000 hours painting.
If you want to become a genius at scoring free kicks you have to spend at least 10,000 hours practicing free kicks.
And if you want to become a blogging phenomena you have to spend at least 10,000 hours blogging.


The more time you spend doing that which you strive to be successful at…the greater your chances of success. Turns out that genius is not a natural skill but rather a repetitive talent. All you have to do is keep on doing and doing and doing and doing and doing and doing…

NOTE: Special thanks to Osisiye Tafa (‏@osisiye) for catching a glaring error in the original version of the article. I erroneously interpreted Malcolm Gladwell’s rule of 10,000 as having to do an activity 10,000 times, the actual rule is that you have to spend 10,000 hours doing a specific activity. Thanks again!

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6 comments on “10,000 Simple Ways To Become A Genius Eventually

  1. I had heard this before.  Thanks to Osisiye because there’s a big difference between repeating a task 10, 000 times and 10, 000 hours of practice.  Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of that process too.

  2. Wuraola on said:

    I finished reading your book last night- How stupidity saved my life. A book i would not have bought  because i told myself as i walked into the bookstore, ‘i am only browsing, absolutely no purchases today’ But how could i resist? The book was by a ‘brother’, it looked great and the title had the desired effect! i left the store with 2 books.

    As i dropped How stupidity saved my life (hmm, suddenly reminds me of ‘How Proust can change your life’), i reached for my phone and changed my status to ‘It rains in Seattle’ not quite what i had in mind, bit it will have to do.
    I had been reminded about something important, to become known for something, you had to be consistent at doing that something. Much like Malcolm’s practice for 10,000 hours.
    Just keep at it. 

    This my first time following up a writer online, and with good reason too, Ofili has much to offer and i have much to learn, perhaps a thing or two to share as well.

    Here’s to ofili, may your ink never dry (excuse the banality!) 

  3. ChikaUwazie on said:

    I read a couple of Malcolm Gladwell books and he is truly inspiring. He has changed my whole outlook on life. I am glad to see this topic talked about here because people forget Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not change the world overnight. This pushes me to be an expert in my field and hop fully too I ca make an impact on the world : ) 

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