Fuck Patience (Warning This Rant Contains Explicit Honesty)

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Fuck Patience (Warning This Rant Contains Explicit Honesty)

They have cut your salary
Your friends have been laid off
Your stocks are close to worthless
Inflation is rising faster than the rate of Government excuses.

But someone from across the Ocean will tell you to be PATIENT
Give the Government time, it will soon make sense…they say.
“Rome was not built in a day.” They say.
“There is no pleasure without pain” they say yet again.

All this BS thrown at you, as they puff cigars in Foreign sky rises isolated from the Nigerian cluster-fuck.
They puff … be Patient
They tweet … be Patient
They sing … be Patient

Just like a man set on fire, begging for water to quench the fire.
The last thing you want to tell him, is to be patient.
Because Patience is bullshit when you are in so much pain.
So fuck patience … its just a made up word used by the clueless to excuse incompetence.


Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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