Finish Your @#$&ng Novel

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Finish your @#$&ng novel is what I want to scream out when I meet an aspiring author that has several hundred manuals but no completed book!

But I live in Nigeria and we are pretty conservative and I am pretty sure I will get in trouble if I yell “finish your  @#$&ng  novel” at a young teenage girl. So to avoid that situation, I will let John Green say the words I want to say but am too polite to actually say…

All of us harbor secret hopes that a magnificent novel will tumble out of the sky and appear on our screens, but almost universally, writing is hard, slow, and totally unglamorous. So why finish what you’ve started? Because when you are done, you will be grateful for the experience. Also, you will have learned a lot about writing and humanness and the inestimable value of tilting at windmills.

Whether you’re reading or writing, there is nothing magical about how you get from the middle of a book to the end of one. As Robert Frost put it, “The only way out is through.” So go spit in the face of our inevitable obsolescence and finish your @#$&ng novel.”

— Words by John Green, The Guy Who Finished His @#$&ng Novel…you can find out more about John Green on his @#$&ng website

— illustrated by Okechukwu Ofili, The Guy Who Was Too Polite to Scream Finish your @#$&ng Novel so he drew it instead…you can find out more about Okechukwu Ofili on his @#$&ng website



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11 comments on “Finish Your @#$&ng Novel

  1. @deaduramilade: I just started my blog about personal finance in February. I was stuck like you too even though I had some drafts *more like a sentence* on my BB. I was afraid no one would read, I wasn’t good enough and my writing wasn’t ‘perfect’. But my dear, he who observes the wind will not sow. Even if you have one line, write it. Keep writing. Rewrite what you have written. Don’t worry about perfection for now.The more you write, the better you”ll become.
    Ogechi latest post is Commercial Banks Vs Credit UnionsMy Profile

  2. Bukkie on said:

    Finished one, two uncompleted….still working on em. But that one was only completed after 2 years of wallowing in the mud or should i say stuck in the mud..LOL. I’m glad I have one completed. Publishing is the next big hurdle to jump. SO help me God.

  3. Phoebe Ashong on said:

    I just got a hold of your book. Actually I nicked it off a colleague’s desk cos of the title, “How Stupidity Saved My Life” and I cannot put it down! I didn’t even know who it belonged to. I’m already planning to order it for everyone I know, enterprising and lazy alike! Your narrations are really zinging through my consciousness! Awesome!
    You say so much of what I think but dare not say as a Ghanaian…lol! Thank you! Will continue to follow.

  4. Great article, Oke. After writing, next thing is sharing the beautiful masterpiece with the world. I am waiting on your article on publishing, especially in Nigeria. Thanks.

  5. nina on said:

    I don’t know about writing being hard and unglamorous. I find it totally liberating and exhilarating, but even then finishing what one has started is an entirely different ball game.

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