Fine Boys Is A F@#king Awesome Novel

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This weekend was quite an awesome weekend. I got a chance to meet with some great people at the Abuja Literary Book jam. One of the people I met at the event was farafina author Eghosa Imasuen, we did not get a chance to talk after the event because the event finished very very very late. But we did bump into each other at the Abuja airport and again at the Lagos airport (I swear I was not stalking him). When we bumped into each other for the second time he gave me an autographed copy of his book How Fine Boys Saved My Life “Fine Boys.” I was excited and sad…excited because I had just got a free book, but sad because I rarely read fiction. However, with Saturday’s mandatory environmental sanitation in place…it meant that I would have to wait in the airport for an additional 2 hours before being able to hit the road. So I decided to kill time by reading the book…and this is what I saw on the first page “Money fucking smells like smelly fucking armpits, balls and shit!” My mouth was open…I never knew Nigerian authors were allowed to swear in their books! I found myself reading and reading as the author narrated his story with pure honesty and life. I was so impressed I decided to do a sketch in recognition of a f@#king awesome book!


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5 comments on “Fine Boys Is A F@#king Awesome Novel

  1. jazmyne on said:

    I haven’t heard about the book, but I like it already. Will add to my must-reads. Thanks Ofili. Nice sketch.

  2. Wandoo on said:

    I’m really curious to read this book. I’m so grossed out by the caption that I know without a doubt that he must have a point besides making the reader cringe. I most applaud his gusto. Indeed individuality is the only way to stand out in these contemporary times.

  3. Bukola on said:

    Well done,I was present at d book reading of fine boys,a great novel with its own simplified language.The three authors that read at last week böok reading shows that their is future for our country,cos all of you are youth.I admire your simplicity,and appreciate your artwork and writing.keep soaring high.

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