If There Was a Femi Fani Kayode And Asari Dokobu Contest, Who Will Win?

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If there was a Femi Fani Kayode and Asari Dokobu contest I don’t know who will win. They are both trying to out compete themselves in “the stupidest politician everliveth” contest.

First of all it was Femi Fani Kayode on National Television saying that the founder of Boko Haram is a key member of APC. What is ironic is that he himself just left APC for PDP! So let’s get this straight … when he was in APC he knew someone in his party was supporting Boko Haram but he did not say anything. Now that he has switched to PDP he has all of a sudden started talking, but yet SSS has not called him in for questioning…suspect!

But while you are still attempting to digest the mass stupidity and shadiness of Fani-Femi Kayode, you are hit with an even dumber statement by Asari Dokobu.

Asari who is on a mission to prove that the Chibok girls are a figment of our furthest imagination. First of all it was why have we not seen their names …and then the names came out. So next it was why have we not seen their pictures … and then the pictures came out. Now today it is why are the pictures not of girls in uniform!

Despite all physical evidence and numerous statements from parents, Asari still does not believe.

It is as if he is willing to go out of the way of logic to deny the existence of the Chibok girls. And even if all 200+ girls are rescued he will probably say how do we know these rescued girls are really from Chibok…it is a never ending cycle of stupidity.

So what does the media do when they receive such revolving stupidity?

They spread it … like wild fire. They post it on their blogs, beam it on live television, tweet it on twitter … all in a bid to get those enriching google clicks and channel viewership. Because controversy sells…especially controversy showered in mass stupidity. That is why Patrick Obahiagbon is still a regular guest on live national television…But I digress…

You see the real issue is that not everybody sees the “the stupidest politician everliveth” contest as actual stupidity. Some people actually believe it is real … just like Republicans on FOX news (American politics) the opposition party is able to drive home a message with no facts, with illogical statements that they keep repeating over and over again. And before you know it … the people on the road side, in the market, the ones who really decide elections will believe.

Just like the Obama is a Muslim smear campaign, we might end up with that Presidential aspirant <insert any name here> is a …

All because we underestimated the power of the stupidest politicians everliveth. Don’t underestimate the stupid … it might just be a strategy.

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Author: Ofili

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28 comments on “If There Was a Femi Fani Kayode And Asari Dokobu Contest, Who Will Win?

  1. Louis on said:

    Wow, this one is really getting you angry. I’ve always wondered about the audacity of asari as regards his claims though. As for Fani, I’ve never liked that dude. He’s a bit insane I think. Watch his interviews on youtube. There’s a lot of them

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      As always freedom of speech. I just wish they will present facts when they are speaking. Seems liike they are just making ish up as they go. Sad!

  2. Tolu on said:

    I like the way u channeled your anger into writing. I was really mad watching Ffk’s interview, he’s simply unstable, always changing mouth…Personally, I think he smoked something before the interview. He’s eyes were red and bulgy

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      lol. I don’t know about the red eyes or smoking. But he definitely did not make much logical sense, at least to me.

    • Fickle & Clueless vs Loud & Clueless ……and the winner is……
      Oh no wait…..
      …..it’s a tie

  3. Adetunji on said:

    Nice piece…..Even the so called youth that should champion change in this country believe that crap…..Jesus! I wonder if we have eyes or is it that these guys have just locked up our brain in bowl. I tire for us oh

  4. Christian chinedu on said:

    They are both perpetually high on something. What beats me is why such characters can be so relevant, commanding so much power and wielding authority. Asari is high on drug and so much cash from our common wealth. Fani, got broke and realised the urgency to return to pdp as 2015 is at the corner and Jonathan must contest. There is money to be made.

  5. I am yet to get over his statement that his ex “intimate” relationship with B. O (and other Igbo women) is proof that he is does not hate Igbos. Hilarious. In a stew pid way.
    Asari just makes me speechless so no comment.

  6. Fortune on said:

    Me, my concern is as you’ve rightly pointed out, a lot of people on the streets will believe this stories, argue over them, fight over them, and in some cases *God forbid* kill over them. Let us all in our little capacity as priviledged ones *i like to see my self as that* spread the truth, give the right orientation, and pray that God helps us all.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Yes Fortune. It is a political strategy that works very well in the US to the advantage of certain politicians. State a lie and say often enough and soon it becomes fact!

  7. haruna haroun on said:

    Nice piece, femi n Asari are just hired by their master to cause further division in d country, no matter how hard they try they will never suceed,, both are always high on things only God knows. Honestly I detest them, u’ve said it all Ofili,I dnt need to repeat anytin. God bless Nigeria

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      The thing is that they are not just causing division, they are doing it to garner support for their political interests.

  8. I cringe anytime these characters come out to speak. All i can think of is “these men have kids o”. I wish politicians would take their jobs seriously enough to be deliberate in their communication with the public. People get away with nonsense in the name of free speech.
    Monale Alemika latest post is Men Help Your Wives!My Profile

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      But Monale…don’t you think it is the fault of the media? As in the media giving them the avenue to spew rubbish without fact checking them?

      • Ofili, can we truly say we have an fully functional media in Nigeria? Most of them are just going through the motions. Till date, what media station has given #BringBackOurGirls the coverage it deserves. They will rather parade these last grade politicians and publicize their nonsensical drivel to the public. A lot of institutions are in need of reform in Nigeria.
        Monale Alemika latest post is Men Help Your Wives!My Profile

  9. yusuf on said:

    Fani kayode Is a foolish idiot with all the money he stole from faan,all bcos we hv a government that celebrate corruption,if nt the bastard shuld be serving jail term now,as thèse govtm ambrasses criminals murderers to come out an contest élection,all 4 the sake they want to get bk to power,and 4 asari Is always hungry looking what to eat,when hunger strike him he Will abuse Jonathan,if they settle him jonathan become the best,niger shine Ur eyes

  10. 4LaH on said:

    You have taken the words right out my mouth Ofili. I cover my eyes in shame when these old men make any public statement. The most painful part is that the majority at the grassroots actually buy into their stupidity and are willing to believe whoever is currently dishing out rice and 5000 naira envelopes.
    When some folks call to make comments on radio, i get mentally tired and depressed at the level of ignorance that is still out there.

  11. 4LaH on said:

    And as for the media, I must say that I’m embarrassed at some of the content we entertain. personally, i do not dignify certain “press statements” with airtime, or bother discussing them but you have to recognize that, media ownership determines media content in Nigeria. When the person who signs the cheque belongs to or favors a political faction, there’s an unspoken loyalty expected of all arms of that organization towards that faction, and that most times, is the reason why you see and hear so many of the unsavory opinions all over the place


    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Good point 4lah…the media owners tend to have influence on coverage on their stations. I just wish more Nigerian journalists will rise up to the occasion and counter these politicians.

  12. Abubakar on said:

    I tell you, Ofili, I’m yet to digest the two personality traits of Asari and Femi. In a two-part article titled: Fan- Kayode’s strange nightmare, I thought I had raised enough posers for the public to see the foolishness of the guy.
    As for Asari, I don’t know where to place him, because I know that Islam forbids the denigration of a people. But the way he spews hate against Hausa-Fulani and other ethnic groups is way over the top.
    I don’t know, but this two have really cheapened and devalued themselves. I continue to ask whether they are in charge of their brains or programmed by some failed puppeteers.
    This country! These two!

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