Fear Of Buhari or Intelligence Of Buhari?

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0836300Presiden-Baru-Nigeria780x390Fear Of Buhari?

Today I bumped into an NNPC Government official …. and we happened to engage in a conversation about work and life.

Inevitably the question of President Muhammadu Buhari and Ibe Kachiukwu (Group Managing Director of NNPC) came up. I wanted to know how things were changing in his sector … how the fear of Buhari was putting things into shape!

And true to the news we have been hearing, the government official confirmed that things had indeed changed. People are no longer allowed to come to work after 8:00 am or else they meet the gate locked … gbam!

And then he said people are now on their toes, people are now showing up to work and people are actually doing work. This was the perfect fear of Buhari scenario we had been told would happen. And that is that somehow his fear would be enough to create a radical change in NNPC and Nigeria as a whole … And that would have been the case if he had stopped there …. but he didn’t.

Because what he did next was to pull out a brand new shrink wrapped Green NNPC ID Card. And then he continued…

He said in his long years of working at NNPC they had never received such ID cards. Now everybody was
required to clock-in and clock-out with their badges. No longer will NNPC officials in his sector go to work invisible, show up invisible only to collect money physically!

And this happened not because of the fear of Buhari, but rather the intelligence of Buhari and the people around him.

You see success does not just happen because of fear … but rather with intelligently created systems such as a card reader system that forces people to be accountable and makes it more difficult for them to dupe the Nation.

Yes fear plays a factor, but fear is transient … fear can only fix problems in the short term. But intelligent systems ignited by fear and driven by intelligent people can succeed on the long run.

twitterWritten by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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7 comments on “Fear Of Buhari or Intelligence Of Buhari?

  1. chukwukadibia on said:

    Buhari will do well,i think the reason he has been appointing northerners is because those are the people he can trust wholly…let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray he does a good job all round by overlooking our ethnic divide.

  2. What I wonder about is how long it would take for the fear to become dull and ineffective .. or what happens when another govt comes and doesn’t instill this same fear and intelligence?

    I wish nigeria and Nigerians can do things right as when due without always having to work by fear.
    All the same…baby steps….good steps..
    We will get there same day.
    tamie latest post is New MorningMy Profile

  3. Great article. Makes you wonder the transformation and accomplishments that can be achieved when accountability becomes ingrained in the DNA rather than fear.

  4. Nice write up I just think he will get some right and some wrong n some he wouldn’t touch at all ( at least PDP 16 years rout can’t be clean in 4 yrs)

    But we should remember he is cleaning d biggest party in africa rout of 16 year for me I think that is a challenge only few men outside PDP can stand not even ofili (sorry boss) with logic and static but he got d one right

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