The Faceless Victims #Boston #BokoHaram

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When tragedy happens in the West we mourn because of the cruelty of the act but mostly because of the victims. Because we know the victims, we know their names, who they are, what school they went to, who their parents were, their favorite food. And if we are nosey enough, we could get a picture of the meal they last ate. That is America…a land that in infatuated with the victims.

Not the case for Nigeria…a bomb blasts happens and we could careless about the victims our focus is on MEND or BokoHaram or whether this is the sign of the end times. Our journalists, the bloggers and many of us including myself rarely stop to ask about the victims. What their families are going through or even who they are…what their names were. Nothing. It is like they never existed…

Now I know, someone would tell me…what about Dana. We knew the victims.

But Dana is a lazy exception…we knew the victims not because of any journalistic effort. But simply because the air flight list was readily available and the names could be googled and facebooked from the comfort of our laptops. But not the case for the thousands of Bokoharam or MEND victims whose names did not appear on a prepped manifest.

The blasts occurs and we lament and then move on swiftly. We barely know nothing about the victims, we barely see their pictures, we don’t know what they liked, what they ate, sometimes we don’t even know who they are.

We could blame this on a couple of reasons, from a non-existent national ID system. I mean you can walk into a national airport with any plastic card with your picture and name and you will be let on an aircraft…but I digress. I digress because the issue is not ID system, it is journalistic laziness mixed with a lack of empathy…poeple just don’t care! We don’t care enough to investigate to see what the families are going through. We know more about the victims of the US 911 terror attacks than we know of the victims of the Bokoharam bomb blasts, except when the victim happens to be a politician. But for the ordinary Nigerian…nothing!

And why…why can’t we focus on our victims. Why can’t we hear their tales, their stories, their struggles. Why don’t we ever hear of the thousands of Nigerian helpers that rushed to help victims, the organizations that took time to help out.
And no I am not talking about the celebrity that swings in to drop a cartoon of rice with a camera crew on hand to record the event as the celebrity checks the charity mark. I am talking about the ordinary Nigerians. The people are at the scene helping…how come we never hear their stories.

If we are to eradicate this nonsense and give Nigerians the belief they are important, that their lives are important we would have to start giving our victims faces. We would have to start raising them higher than the Bokos tormenting Nigeria. Because we need to shift focus so that we know more about the victims and not cowards that terrorize people.

Let’s hope we can copy the western example common sense approach. So that our victims will no longer be faceless!

Writing dedicated to the victims of mindless and cowardice terror attacks across the world. 

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7 comments on “The Faceless Victims #Boston #BokoHaram

  1. True sir… Very true… Regard for the average Nigerian is a much needed awakening we all are guilty of… And don’t tell me it’s a government problem; no, it’s a people problem… It’s high time we developed a national culture of mutual respect and regard for the fellow NIGERIAN… Funny enough, we are quick to show that congeniality and care for our fellow once we’re outside the chores of this country.. It’s time this charity begin at home…

  2. “…it is journalistic laziness mixed with a lack of empathy…poeple just don’t care!” That is the problem right there. I don’t know when it happened but we’ve become numb. There are nights I still think of ALUU4 and how a mob gathered and burnt 4 boys alive without flinching……yet people recorded it. I don’t know but i’m tired…
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