What Drug Dealers Can Teach Us About Social Media

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Crack was the smart alternative to cocaine a solid but smokable form of its predecessor, it was easy to produce and was highly portable. Its portability and versatility however led to a crack sales explosion across the globe. That explosion was especially prevalent in lower income communities where almost everyone (slight exaggeration) smoked crack. One exception however were the crack dealers. According to FREAKONOMICS by Levitt & Dubner, crack dealers were strongly advised against using the crack products themselves, advice that was enforced by beatings from higher ranking crack lords.

So why would the crack lords go out of their way to ensure that their dealers did not smoke crack themselves? The word is ADDICTION! If the crack dealers got addicted to the products they sold then they would probably consume it versus sell it. And when a product like crack is consumed by its own seller in an addictive mode, chances are that they would smoke the crack lords out of business!

The bad news is that social media is like crack…it is highly addictive (trust me on this one, I speak from experience)!

Ordinarily this would not be a problem, but if you are a social media marketer addicted to social media then chances are that you would spend more time consuming than actually producing marketing content. Think about it. If you went on facebook to promote your business or blog but instead spent majority of your time playing around on facebook then you have not done social media marketing…all you have done is consume other peoples products. Don’t get me wrong, it is OK to enjoy social media but it has to be done responsibly and from a business perspective.

Typically I have about 1-2 hours of free time to write daily, so when I get on my computer I deliberately avoid the internet. I do this, because I know my addictive tendency is to play around on twitter, facebook and tumblr once logged on. However, by avoiding the internet I am able to focus on creating blog content that is critical to my social media marketing strategy.  Trivial as it may seem, this one step (not getting on the internet) has enabled me to create consistent blog content for years. So the next time you get on your computer, ask yourself this question “Am I going to consume or produce?” You need to get addicted to the latter!

WARNING: Ofilispeaks does not in any way support the smoking of crack, any allusions to that are purely coincidental =)

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20 comments on “What Drug Dealers Can Teach Us About Social Media

  1. Feeljudd03 on said:

    Very good one! Guilty myself…will probably try not logging on to the internet at all just like you do,so I can focus. But thinking about it alone is already giving me a nose bleed. Thanks for the article. Insightful as usual.

  2. Mz_Chizzy on said:

    Nice article! I’m a social media addict…I’m not into social media marketing, so i’m good yea? :p Let the bloggers/writers worry about content and their possible addiction to social media not me!

  3. Funny enough , there was an program on Facebook on CNBC last night and a computer scientist made a mention that if you want to know where the power lies on facebook, follow the money. Facebook works for the organizations or people that pay facebook while we that browse for free are the products. Food for thought.

    • Can you explain what it meant by “people who browse for free” being the products? I don’t get that part.

      • Titi Sule on said:

        Basically, people who browse facebook are “facebook products” being sold to the companies paying facebook for advertisements, etc. For example, if you like an item on facebook, facebook can (without your consent) create a sponsored ad telling your friends that you like the product. So your friends are more likely to click on the product because you like it.

        • I see what you are saying. When you said products it conflicted with my initial understanding of product, but when you explain it as the above I understand. We are kinda like channels for products to spread. cool…

  4. Crack, Cocaine and social media? Hmm…I did not see that one coming, but your analysis is on point.  Yours truly has had to take multiple “breaks” from Facebook for the same reason.  Taking a break from the internet has worked like a charm though, blogging-wise.  Viewing the internet itself as a product is a different take on things. On another note, I wonder if there’ll be SMAA* sessions (seriously).

    *SMAA = “Social Media Addicts” Anonymous.

    • Yeah there is an SMAA Relentless and you are invited for free just send your real  name and address =)

      PS: Thanks for the comment sha…taking a break is important 

  5. Flora Brown, Ph.D. on said:

    Thanks for this apt analogy. My addiction of choice is reading email and watching countless teleseminars to learn about marketing, product creation, etc. The result, of course, is that while consuming others’ work I’m not creating my own. Gulp! I’m putting myself in rehab today.

    • “The result, of course, is that while consuming others’ work I’m not creating my own.” great point! Thanks for adding to the discussion =)

  6. Jade2ng on said:

    So as i’m reading this article of yours i,m thinking to myself am i producing….. of course not i’m actually consuming one of Ofili’s products again

    Very good insight though

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