Do You Go To Church?

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orthodox-165084_960_720“Do you go to Church?”

That was the question she asked me as we drank cornflakes under the hot sun (don’t judge us).

I did not know what to say.

Should I give her my usual BS response or should I tell her the truth about how much I despised Nigerian organized religion?

But this is Nigeria, where everyone is assumed super religious until proven sinner.  So I could not take the chance, I needed to close a business deal with her, so I chose the former …

“Not every week as I should. But when I do, I attend AVMC, which is the same church my parents go to, this allows me visit them.” That was my scripted tried and tested response. Not overtly spiritual to turn off atheists but good enough to convince church goers that I was one of them.

She looked unimpressed. I wanted to ramp-up my spirituality even more and drop some random but deep bible verse. But before I could say 1st Corinthians … she said …

“I don’t go to Church”

As she took a spoonful of cornflakes, and crunched it … every crack breaking the silence that was now palpable. Luckily she continued …

“When I was young a pastor tried to rape me. Fortunately, the driver heard my screams and startled him,which allowed me escape.”

“I could not tell my parents out of fear, but ended up having to tell them when the same pastor tried the very same thing on my younger sister. But my parents? They did nothing when they found out. Instead they let the pastor into the house and they still let him preach on the pulpit. That’s why I don’t go to church.” she said.

“Do you go to Church?” that question, was never asked for me to answer, rather it was a way for her to open up and share a message.

And that message is this … stop worshiping pastors!

They are human-beings capable of good and evil things. But most important is this, just because a person goes to church every single day of the week, knows and quotes bible verses from the Old to the New testament, King James and New International Version, speaks tongues … does not mean they cannot rape your children.

Wake up and smell the holy water before it drowns your children!


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  1. Omooba on said:

    I am happy this post finally opens, and that I am privileged to read it. Thanks for sharing these truths!

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