Don’t Send Your Child To A Christian School

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Don’t send your child to a Christian School and neither should you send them to a Muslim school. And no sending them to a Catholic or Pentecostal school is not better.

Don’t even send them to an all girls school or an all boys school if you have the chance. And don’t you dare send them to a straight school or a gay school if they exist. And while you are it, avoid sending them to a historically black school or a historically white school if you can.

Don’t send them to schools that focus on one way of thinking, on one type of culture and on one type of religion. Because the real world is too diverse for that!

A child that learns Mathematics, English, the Bible, the Koran, Sports, Leadership, without learning diversity and without living in diversity is a dangerous child!

If you take a look at the world and the problems it has, from terror groups to several hundred international wars … you will find at the core an inability of people … the protagonists … to tolerate and understand things that are different from what they know.

From Hitler versus the Jews, to Blacks versus Whites in the Civil war, to Igbos versus Nigeria in the Biafra war, to the many women that are raped and abused across the nation in guise of religion … all of them have at their core people that have not gotten to grips with diversity.

But rather than exposing our children to understand diversity and to live it. We shield them away from it, because we think we are somehow protecting them from this evil that we don’t understand. Not knowing that the more we protect them, the more they grow misunderstanding the world. Let’s raise more diverse children, especially religiously diverse children!

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30 comments on “Don’t Send Your Child To A Christian School

  1. Excellent points raised, I couldn’t agree more neither do I have anything to add. I love the world as 100 people chart, so simple and clear… On a lighter note, 50 males and 50 females? Where are all those people who keep saying women outnumber men and I had better ‘grab my copy’ fast? They should see this and keep their yeye theories to themselves
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  2. “If you take a look at the world and the problems it has…you will find at the core an inability of people … the protagonists … to tolerate and understand things that are different from what they know.”


  3. Oni Oluwamuyiwa on said:

    Before reading this, I had this funny smile with my cheeks all swollen, because of the first sentences I glanced at, gradually my smiles started fading away, in thought, I had felt this would be so interesting, don’t get me wrong, the smiles faded cus I attended a christain school:go ahead and laugh…but its the truth anyway. So we know what schools we shouldn’t take our children to, what schools should we expose them to?

    • This was uppermost on my mind too-I went to an all girls’ school and barring my initial nervousness around guys (which I think every young girl could do with more of and which disappeared in the university) I like to think that I turned out okay.
      How do we raise diverse children in a world divided on the same lines we try to escape?
      If you ask me, I’ll say arm them with as much information as possible, commit them to the Lord and keep all fingers crossed.

  4. Princess on said:

    Hi Ofili….I read your posts all the time and I can relate with a lot of them because of past and present experiences in the country but i don’t completely agree with this post. While I believe that overprotecting and shielding of children from the so-called evils of the outside world, sometimes yields negative outcomes….i don’t believe it is wrong to send your child to any of the schools you mentioned …. (at least the ones that exist)….I know a lot of people that went to some of them and still turned out great.
    Personally I believe kids can be sent to them “all girls and all boys” or even Christian schools when they are young (high school stage). Afterwards, when they are older, and a bit more mature mentally, college could be normal and they can learn diversity then, even though for some, they may take some time to adjust..

    • I think that what Ofili is getting at is the fact that reified identities tied to specific ideologies (christianity, islam, gendered groups etc) have a way of limiting people from engaging diversity on its own terms.

      Engaging diversity isn’t something kids should learn when they are older. By that time, they are mostly set in their ways that when they encounter difference, there is either a push back due to a perception of threat to the things that define their identity, or they will try to change/convert that which is different to what they consider the proper way of being. My 2kobo.
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  5. @Monale Luv ur explanation@omaI think that when ofili says ‘don’t send your child to a Christian school’, he doesn’t mean it literally.
    I think he means that you should take care that your child doesn’t grow up identifying with only one set of values and beliefs. This makes the child intolerant of systems that differ from the one he is used to.
    Now you can say that when they get older they can still adjust to diversity but that happens in few cases as the ingrained values and beliefs we learnt in childhood still rear up their ugly heads even in those of us who have departed from our early pathways. No wonder a popular church slogan goes “Catch them young for Christ”.
    Therefore, they should also be exposed quite early to the beauty in diversity, so they don’t grow up narrow minded.
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    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Chidi thank you o. I tire. When you say school people start looking at the building with a school written on it. School is everywhere, if a child does not go to school and is in the streets, the streets becomes his classroom.

      The funny thing is that I went to a Catholic School …

  6. Seyi on said:

    Engaging diversity starts from home even before they start schooling (in the case of some countries where they start at 5). The family unit is the first place a child learns from and whatever they hear their parents say or do is imbibed. This is shown in most jokes and cartoons in The Punch newspaper. These impressions go with them in a long way in affecting their dealings and outlook in life. I agree with Monale and Chidi to this point. These already formed/learned impressions/behaviour underlies their behaviour and it is fairly permanent, it is just that, fairly permanent and thus prone to change. Some theorists are of the opinion that behaviour doesn’t change after the age 30 and some that it changes till death due to learning. Going by these two, no matter or on or before age 30 people can change their earlier preconceptions. In the face of new ideologies that is against their beliefs, some do lash out, some try to change/convert people to their beliefs and some imbibe the beliefs of others. Monale didn’t include the last one in her explanation. This last one accounts for why there are stories of someone that changed, became this or that while in school and such. In other not to change, people rationalise away their attitudes, look for things that supports their stands or close their eyes out rightly to contradicting evidences. It is a form of ego defence mechanism. We are prone to change our conceptions on the college if not learning of any nature won’t take place. Just want to say that despite this post not been about any physical ‘school’.

  7. Haleemah on said:

    All I know is that what we learn @ childhood sticks in our memories for live. So waiting till college age might be dangerous!

  8. Hey, I went to a catholic- all girls school and it was the most diverse place i know. E we had protestants and even muslims attending the school and no one tried to convert/judge them.
    The school was proud
    Some people just don’t know

  9. Hello,
    I went to an all-girls catholic school and it was an amazing diversity learning experience for me. The school was proud of the fact that we had protestants, Muslims, people from all tribes,beliefs and tongues coming together as one. No one tried to convert/judge anyone. I am a Catholic but I would rather send my child to a Muslim school than a school that does not teach them about GOD. No religion preaches hate or intolerance…we are called to evangelize in words and deeds ..we are called to be living holy books of our faith and that I think is the proper way to evangelize. Going to a catholic all-girls school has helped me appreciate diversity in so many ways.

  10. Sincerely, you couldn’t have been more apt. I align with you absolutely on this.

    Anything bearing the semblance of stereotype is indeed limiting. I believe no one individual should be compelled to anything by attempting to forming a mind for them. Every man must find its path in life. Even Christ that I follow prefers that we find our way to God through him guided but not imposed.

    Indeed, diversity is the spice of life.
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  11. Erhh. Could agree with you to a certain degree. But seeing as social media, television and society in general is already doing a lot of diversification i wouldn’t mind the kids having a load of christian indoctrination as a compass/anchor. Though not in secondary school sha. Can’t tell you how much i detest narrow-minded one-way-street kinda thinking.

  12. I noticed this guy always bring the thought straight off my head. I attended a Christian school and my father is a pastor. My life has been more confused until I went digging into other religions and tradition including history of Christianity, qabalah, yoruba tradition, Buddhism, almost everything magic and religion. I satisfied my curiosity when I discovered at the core of all the belief system is one single truth. My conclusion: humanity will be able to set herself free the day we embrace reasoning over religious doggedness and embrace nature’s true diversity.

  13. perpetual Kaycee on said:

    I totally agree,our children need no catholic,Islamic or Pentecostal school… in this ever changing world.Personally I saw myself evolve into a diverse individual which were guided through my disposition,educational background and environments I found myself.I look back and am grateful for all the transitions that got me here.To parents,sending your child to a neutral school other than that of your church or the Islamic one will make you no less of a member of the church or a Muslim respectively.@Ofili,thanks for using your “stupidity” to keep us on a smart edge.

  14. Aisha Obiagwu on said:

    I couldn’t have said it berra myself! Understanding that there r people who live, act, and worship differently than u is essential for peaceful coexistence. Thanks for this apt and well written piece! Peace!!! 🙂

  15. Err 4 a moment I tot my entire life myt have been mixed up lol. Cos I attended an All girls secondary and a ‘conc’ Christian University but I think I’m fine… Cos my slogan remains… You r a Christain,muslim etc 2day most PROBABLY cos ur parents are. Lol so we r all caught in dese webs by chance. So I push away d diff all d time. Even explore once in a yle.

  16. nyiedum ufot on said:

    At the core of any college or post graduate course in the states is diversity. I think our education system should adopt this and include understanding diversity as a core subject in schools.

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