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So people have been emailing and asking me about some sketches popping up all over the internet by some Ofili fella. I know another ofili that draws trying to impersonate…don’t we all hate that!

Well I had to write a public disclaimer stating that the fella drawing Kerry Washington, Beyonce, Janella Monae and self potraits with pencil and putting them on facebook and instagram is not me. In fact he is not @ofilispeaks but @ofilidesigns my younger brother =D

So while my lawsuit is pending, I decided to give my fans a rough guide on how to differentiate between @ofilispeaks and @ofilidesigns….

@ofilispeaks sketches are simple


@ofilidesigns sketches are simply awesome


Plus he also acts and makes people laugh…I try to make people laugh and can’t act to save my life…checkout out an @ofilidesigns sketch done under his new production company WowoBoyz.

Hope this helps…let’s stop the impersonation. But if you want to get drawn by an Ofili and don’t want to look like a cartoon…then get at @ofilidesigns to get you ofiliated! Be awesome Ninjas!




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  1. chidinma on said:

    wowww….. hv neva been a portrait fan but ur bros is good. how come there’s so much awesomeness in one family? my eyes r turng green

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