Did We Vote For Change or Did We Change After We Voted? #ObservationNoBeCrime

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first20 people died yesterday in yet another Boko Haram attack in the past month, but did Nigeria react or get upset? No. Instead we were gawking over the new official pictures of Buhari and his VP.

And in the midst of the bombing, there is now a potential new proposal to remove military check points across Nigeria. Did Nigerians complain given that the Nation is still unstable? Or ask how it could help the fight against Boko Haram? No…we just gawked and stared at more pictures…

And I must admit the pictures are beautiful. Bayo.O is doing a good job shooting the President from all angles. Every picture is filled with so much color and mesmerizing detail that drives a poignant story, but I worry that Nigerians are too distracted … that we are still stuck in election mode.

I mean at this rate, Buhari will fart and Nigerians will still praise him for producing Natural gas! The same things that caused uproar amongst Nigerians yesterday are treated with silence today.

And I wonder, did we vote for change or did we change after we voted? #ObservationNoBeCrime

twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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19 comments on “Did We Vote For Change or Did We Change After We Voted? #ObservationNoBeCrime

  1. toyin on said:

    For me I think mr president still need sometime I mean just yesterday he told us we (Nigerians) have nothing nor any treasure (maybe d man meet 50 billions naira) for me (yes for me) his picture should be clean n clear for nw but after d dew time we need a clean nigeria n d effect should show on him (by then Bayo will loose his compliment everywhere) we should still till he gat ministries and we all need hw bad dat man from otu_oke have made things be ( Nigerians even dash him 20 billion not naira but US dollar) abeg make we give our man some time

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      You ask for time but APC is saying in 3 weeks they have achieved more than PDP in 6 years. is that not delusional? How can you say 3 weeks is too early to criticize but then not say 3 weeks is too early to claim victory?

  2. toyin on said:

    I wouldn’t argue a bit with ur fact (my writer) but I need u to know mr buhari is not a president of d APC but of Nigeria believe it or not APC is bad_mouthed just like PDP so don’t tell me ur article is based on what APC (n not buhari) said
    The president is still packing d dirt of our late president (oops sorry our former president) out of aso_rock and he just enter into the house ok ofili another 6 weeks from me……. (I will appreciate if we allow d president speak about these) not apc

  3. toyin on said:

    There is roar aganist buhari at all times but I think but no action or rally for nw again time factor we are still believe in him n his decision (some bad some good) he is imperfect

    The roar against him is ever alive like u are doing nw but I want 2 b positive on our man I can’t stand seeing nigeria going back again he will gat it right

  4. jason on said:

    We made an emotional reaction in accepting APC as a way of spiting the PDP and somehow are beginning to realize we are in the process of creating another PDP like mega party.
    Unfortunately, it is difficult to confront the difficult truth of what we have managed to create.

  5. Seyi on said:

    I guess people are still giving him time but I wonder if Nigerians would have been this complacent with another president. They don’t want to start criticising because he is their choice and to do so will be like shooting themselves in the foot

  6. I’m humbled by this post. Ofili I troway salute for you….. Do you mind running for President Sir, before old age slows you down?

  7. You are spot on Mr Ofili. I am humbled by this post. I used to be a near-fanatic Buharist until the log of wood in my eyes was replaced with vision 2020 rationality.
    On behalf of People’s Party of Nigeria, I urge you to run for President before old age slows you down. *smirk

  8. Dave on said:

    I think Nigerians have generally gone cold in matters regarding boko haram. 20, 30, 50 people die nd it doesnt hold water anymore. maybe we’re now used to these suicide bombings nd have developed tolerance for loss of precious lives as a nation…this is sad!! I’m however surprised nobody raised objections or even questioned the rational behind removing the military check points as Nigeria is still largely unstable. I think Nigerians need to wake up from their political honeymoon.

  9. Omooba on said:

    Well said Ofili! We have been too quiet with the missteps of PMB as against our reactions to GEJ’s actions (and inactions) in his last couple of years… But I think it is a Nigerian thing – we take a few months to feel the punch that landed on our chin.

    I remember we had to wait for NOI to resign from world bank to come and resume for about 3 months in 2011 to even know anything about GEJ’s plan for the economy, and nobody made any fuss about! I think we are yet to learn that our part in our democracy goes way beyond the election year. We need to hold Buhari accountable to the promises he made!

  10. Most who clamored for change and expected miracles in the first weeks can’t say anything or raise an uproar cos feel disappointed and some are still clinging in to hope asking for more time.
    Like you I don’t get the general silence Nigeria seems to have suddenly fallen into. I read somewhere on Buhari comment about the bombings, how he condemned the act and all and I was waited..yet there was still silence. What he said was Not different from what former President Jonathan had said back then and was crucified for saying. Same with the subsidy. And the military checkpoints.
    Some who would have raised noise on these are too ashamed to do so,that shouldn’t be the case. That’s suppose to be the change.
    tamie latest post is Our BondMy Profile

  11. My new mantra is, if I can’t provide a viable solution, then there is no point making empty noise. I think that it is necessary for Nigerians to keep the current government on its toes and make sure we hold them accountable for every promise that they made during the elections.

    That being said, criticisms should be presented with possible solutions.
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