Today I Found Out That My Co-worker Of 5 Years Had Died

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d26b62ec6667b70c16935cd1f56aa60cToday I found out that my co-worker of 5 years had died. I am upset.

I don’t know if I am upset over the fact that he is dead or over the way I found out…or both?

I found out about his death when I walked into my colleagues cubicle today to inquire about another colleague when I was informed that she was at Mark’s burial. Burial? The same Mark I saw just last week or so? Surely this most be some sort of mistake? Like a death typographical error…like God wanted to type Mart instead of Mark…but it wasn’t it was real. In fact it had been real for a few days now. Everybody in the office new about it…except me. How did that happen?

Turns out that since moving back to the Houston office my name has not been added to the department email list. So all the updates about Mark’s death, the card that was being sent out, the email about the burial details all those things…I never received any. But I was not upset at this, I was upset about the fact that I needed an email to know about a colleagues death. Upset that the whole office did not stop in front of my cubicle for like an hour or 2 to talk about his death and how he impacted lives.

Upset that work seemed to be moving on as if nothing happened. And that’s the thing that upsets me about life and death and that is that it continues whether we are here or not. I wish I could come up with something profound, but I really can’t. I guess I am upset because I fear that when I die people will not create an Ofili national holiday, that people will go on with their lives.

But in a little way I have hope and comfort that if we do live our lives to the fullest, fight for the voiceless, care for those who need it and love and love till we can give no more more love. If we could do that, then we should have no fear when its our time to go. And I guess that is the lesson I learned. Enjoy life…cause when you die…life must and will go on. But if you live life to the fullest then even death itself will fear us. In the words of Charles Bukowski:

We are here to drink BEER. We are here to kill WAR. We are here to LAUGH at the odds and LIVE our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us!

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5 comments on “Today I Found Out That My Co-worker Of 5 Years Had Died

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. These things happen and like you said life goes on, what else can we possibly do than to move forward. Upon first reading, I thought you sounded self-involved then I realised that I would feel the same way. I’d be curious as to why everyone seems so casual about the death of someone they shared moments with, someone who was present at the point in time and now is no more. The sadness is crippling. It always shakes us up and makes us question what we’re really here for. No one knows but we just have to make it worth it because our time here is temporary. I hope Brian is resting in peace.

  2. on said:

    Lost me two friends in October, and a cousin in September, and heard so much about the havoc death wrecked on other families and I’m like what da F is going on here, but then life continued all around me like nothing was wrong and I’m like does anyone feel the pain and vacumm these departed have put me through, and I realise that’s the way life goes, life will continue to function cos the living have got to live life and one death or more will not stop air (oxygen) from been inhaled, neither will it stop people from going about the daily grind we call hustle, the bottom line is live life in such a way that those you live behind at your time of departure will have great and inspiring memories to treasure.

  3. Dude am sorry! I can’t imagine how you feel….I have never lost anyone so I am in no position to even start to comfort you. I shaLL NOT LOSE ANYONE ALSO. i AM DARN TOO EMOTIONAL, I WILL PROLLY JUST SHUT DOWN FOR A WHILE…

  4. ……And love and love till we can give no more more love. Thank you Ofili,this is all I need to make my family stick together at the moment. R.I.P Mr Matt and to all the departed

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