If No One Gives You A Crown Then Buy Your Own Freaking Crown

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Too many times, people are sitting around waiting for others to give them approval or promotions or more  money. And when it does not happen they resort to crying or blaming everyone but themselves. Others turn into professional beggars and beg their way to the top…they kiss ass and perform eye service until they get what they want.

But then there are others, who don’t sit around waiting for crowns to be handed down to them, they get up and make their own crowns or buy their own crowns. They are the ones that work their 9 to 5 jobs, but yet have a side hustle or business they run. They are the ones that don’t wait for promotions, but get up and demand promotions and raises.

Simply put…they don’t wait for people to hand things over to them, they go out and get it for themselves and that’s why they succeed! If you want to succeed like them, then you have to understand that if no one gives you a crown…then you better buy your own freaking crown! 


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5 comments on “If No One Gives You A Crown Then Buy Your Own Freaking Crown

  1. AwesomeJules on said:

    You are right! I think I would rather make my own crown than have it handed down to me, because I would like to pick the jewels for it. Lol.
    I really L♥√ع the way you write.

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