The Crime Scene In A Typical Nigerian Home

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I know I know…I have not written a blog post or sketched a sketch since that mysterious bloke f**cked messed with my ideas.

But I have since moved on and I am now working hard to finish up my 3rd book How Intelligence Kills Us: Our Dangerous Addiction To Intelligence, Religion and White People (I just added that) and the book is really taking shape (I swear). I mean just yesterday I completed 2 chapters titled “The Ajebuta Nation” and “Intelligence Sometimes Looks Stupid” and they both are very interesting. I might even blog some parts of those chapters next week…hmmmm

Anyway while working on the chapters, I began thinking about a cover design concept that would tie to the concept of the book How Intelligence Kills Us when I stumbled upon one of those chalk outlines of dead bodies at a crime scene. And then I thought to myself hmmm what if I…ok ok I fapped this sketch idea from one place like that, but I made it my own. And like my mentor Jonathan Sprinkles says “1% different is original.” So hopefully you enjoy my original* sketch Crime Scene Do Not Cross…

NOTE: Chapter titles are subject to change without notice. cannot be sued for any trauma caused from a sudden change in chapter title…he is indecisive like that =D

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