My Commencement Speech

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If I ever get invited (hint hint) to give a commencement speech…this is what I would say…


Author: Ofili

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12 comments on “My Commencement Speech

  1. Deborah Grant on said:

    I love this! This is wonderful, Ofili…my sentiments almost exactly! So glad that u didn’t allow “college” to distract u from your destiny!

  2. Free to make meager wages while you create wealth for those who are really free.
    Free to fight for pay increase when the same energy can be used to be the one that is paying others
    Free to seek for a secure job instead of living in freedom of owning your business and really live your dream.

    What a way to be free…

  3. Ibimina Koko on said:

    Just a little tweak on d perspective. It is not bad to work for someone. What is bad is to do something that adds no value to who u are or the dream thats been on your mind. Its not a bad thing to dream to work with apple. Whats bad is getting there and remaining a 9-5. Whats bad is doing something that does stimulate you beyond 5pm, a job you do not look forward to everyday you wake up, no creativity. Something that offers you no “eureka” moments. Starting out something is may not be for everyone. Remember if we all own our businesses who would teach our kids in public schools. But you are right Mr. Ofili.

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