My Coming Out Of The Closet #secrets

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Dear Ninjas,

I have a confession. Well its more like a secret that I have tried to hide for years. But I believe now is the right time to share that secret with you…

Now, I hope you will still love me and my blog after I tell you this little secret. I hope that you won’t judge me or treat me differently or reject me when we see in public. I am still the same old @ofilispeaks the only difference is this little secret I am about to share.

As you can tell, this is very hard for me. But I just have to get it off my chest because it has bothered me for far too long.

You probably even heard the rumors, sadly they might be true depending on what you have heard.

You probably would have even suspected it if you read this blog regularly … I mean there were subtle signs … the female characters kicking ass … the stories. Anyway, I confess that I am a…gosh this is really hard, but I confess that I am a feminist!

Yes I know, but please don’t do that, don’t reject me, don’t leave my blog and please stop burning my books.

I am a male feminist and have been for years. I started noticing it when I was in my teens, when I saw the talent and skills my female counterparts possessed held back by societal limitations/definitions.

But now as a full-blown male feminist I can fight openly for EQUALITY via my writing and my sketches. I can also battle the implicit sexism that exists in our world and challenge structural and institutional barriers holding women back. That’s who I am … a proud male feminist.

princess bad selfj

twitterWritten and Drawn By Okechukwu Ofili of
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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43 comments on “My Coming Out Of The Closet #secrets

  1. Ofili, you see this thing wey you just do now, no try am again. Chai! I bin look the shoe come reason say you wan tok say you be closet transvestite abi wetin dem dey call am. Na Sunday cry i for start now.

    Er, i didn’t realize your being a feminist was supposed to be a secret. It’s very obvious. Still, saying it makes more of an impact. Way to go!!!

  2. actually, a part of me was hoping you will say that u are gay! !! as for ur’supposed’ coming out, the signs are all there to read so am not sure u shocked anybody. cheers

  3. To me, this should never be a secret but a sure and important attribute of a modern man. Men that recognized and see women as equal socially,economically,politically,religiously, plus all the other LY you may think of. I am a feminist too.
    mudi latest post is I Have A ConfessionMy Profile

  4. The Egalitarian on said:

    How does ‘ Feminism’ represent equality, when the word itself is gender-biased? I mean, the writer had to append it with the word ‘male’ before calling himself a feminist.

    Everyone would agree women issues/rights especially in developing countries need to be defended, however, women have more rights than men in developed countries, and there are no, ‘glass ceilings’ and ‘structural and institutional barriers’ holding women back. Feminism as a whole is a dangerous joke.

    (Modern) Feminists are ‘useful idiots’ (please google the term ); they are disposable tools of the liberal system, but I pray the damage to the society wouldn’t be irreparable before feminism meets it’s end.

    I believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone, (even though equal opportunities don’t necessarily guarantee equal outcomes).

    • Ofili

      “I mean, the writer had to append it with the word ‘male’ before calling himself a feminist.” <-- this makes no sense "however, women have more rights than men in developed countries" <-- please send a link to back up this lie ... I mean claim.

  5. Manny on said:

    Please don’t apologize for being that. More men should be conscious of the disadvantages that exist for females.

  6. Tamera on said:

    Phew!!!!! OFILI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My face… i mean my heart dropped when i started reading initially but led out a loud breath when i got d full message. I bin tink say u bin wan talk say u be………. i shout Choiiiii for my mind dis guy wey fine scata … Thank Goodness. Thanks for bin dia for us sha.

  7. Lanre on said:

    *clicks link in email, visits site, reads the so-called secret and says “this guy is such a crazy dude”*
    You never cease to amaze me. At least you’re not gay :). Nice one!

  8. mr faradara on said:

    Ofili, I had to take my time to manage my thoughts as I read on… Its quite cool. Nice climax dere. Double thumbs up Bro

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  10. Elizabeth on said:

    Initially I was scared. But that’s a bit of good news. It’s almost impossible to find a male feminist in this part of the world when all we have ate chauvinists. Well done sir! Your blog posts are inspiring…

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