Class 5: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Powers, Unlikely Circumstance (Part III) #ofilix

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class 4Part III (Who Am I?): My name is Chichi…and I hate my fucking boobs! Yes my boobs! #ofilix

Sometimes, I just wish I could cut them off and put them in a DHL package and mail them back to God! #ofilix

I can’t walk into a room without them being the center of attention. It’s always them…not me. Never me. #ofilix

I can’t lie, they have gotten me favors in the past. But they weigh me down more than they pull me up. #ofilix

I long for that feeling. The feeling of being invisible. The feeling of walking into a room without a 1000 people starring. #ofilix

Or accidentally grazing my chest =/ #ofilix

And my curly hair and half-caste skin don’t help fend the attention. Both products of the fusion between my Dad and Mum. #ofilix

My Dad a white Oil&Gas expat, who knocked up my Mum a a Luxury hotel on the Island. At least it was a luxury hotel..sigh #ofilix

If you ask my Mum she would tell a different story. She likes to act like she is above prostituting but that’s what she is. #ofilix

And me…the convenient mistake. Under normal circumstances I should not be here. I should be aborted…unknown…unborn. #ofilix

But luckily my Dad was loaded. So my Mum kept me as her bridge to success. She swears she loves me….but I think not. #ofilix

The only thing she loves is the fact that she can financially exploit my Dad with me. At least I am alive… #sarcasm #ofilix

I wish I was dead. My life is a fucking depressing dump. I smile as a decoy to cove rup the emptiness inside. An abused child #ofilix

Abused physically, emotionally and … #ofilix

The first time it happened I was 12…but my boobs were already 22! #ofilix

Too young to understand, too young to fight. So I just stayed there…like a b##% abused till he came or got tired. I can’t remember #ofilix

He being one of my Mum’s clients in her imaginary world of No-I-am-not-a-prostitute but yet fucking all around the place. #ofilix

It happened so fast and left me scarred, physically and emotionally. Blood splattered over my bed covers…blood of innocence gone #ofilix

And my Mum. I tried to tell her the 1st time it happened. But my words were terminated with a slap and a…. #ofilix

“why is there blood all over your bed covers I just washed those sheets. Do you think I am your servant.” and then another slap #ofilix

I kept quiet after that. I realized at that point…at 12d, that if I was to make it thru life. It will be me, nobody but me. #ofilix

People like to say the world has some good in it. But I think there are parts of the world that are filled with evil people. #ofilix

My classmates think I am blessed. They don’t know about the suicide thoughts, the depression, the abuse. But yet I smile. #ofilix

To be honest, I can deal with the sexual abuse. I have become numb to it, one day I will be stronger, I will fight back. #ofilix

But what hurts the most is not having a father figure. He is too busy drilling for Oil in the ground & in the beds of luxury hotels. #ofilix

He must be good, cause he gets paid and look, he drilled inside my Mum and created me. #sarcasm #ofilix

At least I get some respite at my boarding school. Away from the turmoil, from the abuse just for a few days. #ofilix

I can’t like its a nice school. At least my fake Dad knows the value of an education or maybe he is making up for his absence. #ofilix

He never fails to pay my school fees. But probably does not remember my birthday. How can he? #ofilix

Rumor has it that the day I was born, he was fucking another woman. #ofilix

At least in school I am a celebrity. I take that back, my boobs & hair are celebrities. I am just the limo that transports them #ofilix

But I act the part…the part of the limo driver watching all my boobs fake friends smile. Like they actually like me. #ofilix

Even teachers get in on the action. Last week, the English teacher told me how great a writer I was. That’s funny, I write like crap #ofilix

The English teacher loved it though & hugged me in a funny this-is-inappropriate-way. Did I mention, our English Teacher is female #ofilix

But it was hilarious seeing her face when I wrote about the student who killed an absive teacher with a fork. #wink #ofilix

I may be weak, but I have my way of fighting back. I don’t think he will try that again. #ofilix

O did I mention, I got pregnant last year. No big deal thought, I handled it. Maybe if the guy was a rich expat I would have kept it #ofilix

But sadly it was the fucking Physics teacher with his beat up Toyota Camry and fake smile. #ofilix

I swear that guy will fuck anything with 2 legs, even an Ostrich. #ofilix

I would like to say he abused me..but I knew what I was getting into. I let it happen or did I? #ofilix

Sometimes I think the problem is that I smile too much. I keep everything inside…I need to get angry a lot more. #ofilix

But the last time I got angry, I almost killed someone. I promise I am not violent…just frustrated. #ofilix

It was 2 weeks ago. Another senior boy trying to act or lovey on me. I smile and try to move on, but this one will not agree. #ofilix

He became really aggressive and insulting. Call me a whore and my father a crook. #ofilix

I don’t know what tripped inside, but I got really angry. Like a fresh anger, I just imagined myself crushing his head. #ofilix

But then I realized he was no longer yelling at me. He was just yelling and grabbing his head as blood came down his nose #ofilix

I was too terrified and confused…I just bolted out the room. #ofilix

“What does this mean?” my English Teacher yells. She is talking to the Daydreamer. #ofilix

That dude is always lost. I wonder what the fuck he thinks about…and in the last few days he has been looking at me funny. #ofilix

Funny, because he is not starring at my boobs, he is actually looking at me. Maybe he knows what happened. Maybe he saw #ofilix

What did I do? What can I do? Who am I? to be continued at …. #ofilix

ofilixOfilix is the untapped fictional half of @ofilispeaks. ofilix is 33.54% human and 66.46% mutant and still mutating. His powers…the uncanny ability to fuse real life world with the fictional world seamlessly and project them across the world wide internet. He has no twitter account or facebook page and abhors instagram. ofilix believes in equality and democracy but is willing to go to extreme limits to ensure that justice prevails, even if it means trampling on the rights of the truly evil!


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