Class 5: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Powers, Unlikely Circumstance (Part I) #ofilix

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class3I hate school! But not for the reasons you think. You see my mind…its different. I can feel the thoughts around me. #ofilix

Not hear them…feel them! #ofilix

I mean I could feel the pain of ChiChi…the hottest chick in class…the stunner. The one Emeka & Ayo fantasize about every minute. #ofilix

I know it, cause I can feel their thoughts too. Their dirty teenage thoughts. #ofilix
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But back to ChiChi…curly long hair, tall, pretty and smart all packed into a body of perfection. The most popular girl in class. #ofilix

Correction: The most popular girl in school. #ofilix

Everyone wants to be like her even boys&especially girls. Girls like Happiness. I don’t need to read her thoughts to figure that out #ofilix

But if only she knew. if only she know the pain, the abuse, the suffering and the emptiness that ChiChi feels…that Chichi suffers #ofilix

But my thoughts are cut short. Its our English teacher…equipped with the cleanest British accent. So clean the Queen would blush.#ofilix

With my ability…I should pass all my classes. And I do…simply by listening to the thoughts of the smarter kids! #ofilix

Now I am not a Lazy Cheat. I do study and I love science. And I crave to listen to the conversations in people’s minds. #ofilix

Their different perspectives, help give me a well rounded view point and comprehensive answers in Tests and Exams. #ofilix

But sadly my powers are useless against English or any Language for that matter. #ofilix

You see there is no right or wrong answer most of the times in English and as for Yoruba, well people think in Yoruba. #ofilix

And that does not help me =( #ofilix

So you can understand how I feel at this moment. The start of English period…the fake accents. It gives me a headache! #ofilix

Not just any headache! Not the take-one-panadol-and-be-fine headache. Its the what the fuck is inside my head headache! #ofilix

Actually my headaches started 2 weeks ago. Roughly around the time I entered Chichi’s mind. I think she felt me inside her head #ofilix

Cause she has been looking at me funny. I mean nobody looks at me under normal circumstances. Headaches…headaches…headaches #ofilix

Its a deep throbbing headache. As if something artificial is in my head, pressing against my skull behind my left eye. It hurts… #ofilix

Just like the dreams for the past 2 weeks…it hurts. In my dreams its the same scene. #ofilix

I am kissing a hot chick…sometimes its Genevieve, other times its Halle berry. I think last night it was Michelle Obama =/ #ofilix

But it never goes beyond the kiss. I want to go further, but every time I think the thoughts…I feel something cold behind my head. #ofilix

I hear the trigger squeeze…I see the chamber turn. I smell the spark impact the bullet and i feel it caress the barrel of the gun #ofilix

I even compute the velocity of the bullet…but nothing ever happens. Or maybe it does. But I always wake up at that part #ofilix

I always wake up, with a throbbing headache! The same headache I now felt in class during my dreaded English peroid. #ofilix

The headache…my head. The dream…the gun…the kiss…what does it all mean? What does it mean? What does it mean? #ofilix

“What does it mean?” my English teacher yells angrily, nearly exposing her hidden Nigerian accent. #ofilix

“What does what mean?” I respond almost startled. “What does Irony mean?” she yells. “I am sorry I don’t know” is my response #ofilix

The whole class laughs at my response. My inability to define Irony. #ofilix

“How can a boy who enters peoples minds fail to see what’s going on in his head?” That is the real irony…to be continued at #ofilix

ofilixOfilix is the untapped fictional half of @ofilispeaks. ofilix is 33.54% human and 66.46% mutant and still mutating. His powers…the uncanny ability to fuse real life world with the fictional world seamlessly and project them across the world wide internet. He has no twitter account or facebook page and abhors instagram. ofilix believes in equality and democracy but is willing to go to extreme limits to ensure that justice prevails, even if it means trampling on the rights of the truly evil!


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  1. Ok ofilix, I usually ve a beatdown dysfunctional thought pattern but this your own carry weight. Abeg d trajectory of the plot is slippery o! Slot in Cd2 cos am seriously groping in pitch blackness here.

  2. Ofilix on said:

    Continuum (measurement), anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition, to a different condition, without any abrupt changes

  3. mikael shumaker on said:

    its been a yl since i came here, nd from dis i know ive missd pieces from one of e best writer in the world, always knws how to captivate, ur jst good@ofili

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