These Children Could Really Really Use Your Help #ChildHelp

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DEADLINE: December 11th, 2015

You might have heard this story before …

Child undergoes successful organ replacement surgery, but to prevent his immune system from rejecting the new organ he must take anti-rejection drugs. The problem is that he can’t afford the drugs.

Another story …

Child is rushed to the Hospital, its an emergency. His leg is broken badly, the Doctors have no other option but to conduct an emergency surgery to save his leg. His parents are excited, the only problem now is that they can’t afford the Hospital bills. So they are forced to stay in the hospital and work till the bills are paid.

What will surprise you in these stories is that the bills in both cases are typically not that expensive.

It could be as little as N5,000 to as much as N100,000.

Regardless of the amount, this is a cost that some of us easily spend in a day or a week without thinking twice that it could save a life.

But it’s not our fault, most of the time, we are not aware … just like me.

I was not fully aware until I visited the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) pediatric ward 2 weeks ago with Yewande Olofinro of the Green Pasteur Kiddies

And there I heard first hand the stories of little boys/girls and even parents burdened by basic hospital bills, people struggling to stay alive over low cost drugs. It was a sad visit, NEPA was absent and we spoke in our sweat.

Now its easy to blame the hospital staff for all the problems. It’s easy to call them wicked, greedy, unkind and cruel. But the reality is that they like us have been abandoned by our government.

Facilities are sub-par, maintenance is zero and funding is even worse. And most times doctors find themselves using part of their salaries to help keep a child alive just a bit longer….

To be honest, the problems are many. From archaic machines to lack of power. Tackling the entire problem will require massive resources and I intend to tackle them somehow (still thinking).

However, I wanted to start with the simple problems first. And that is providing immediate help to children and parents stuck with bills and compulsory prescription drugs they can’t afford.

So to get me started I requested for a list of children in the LUTH Pediatric Ward that needed some financial help.

And I was sent the list of 8 children below … some need drugs, some need hospital bills paid … some need brain scans, but the unifying theme is that they need money.

  1. Chighu Jesse– Being managed for complicated meningitis.
    Brain CT scan-  N35,000
    Biopsy needle-    N5,000
    Full blood count- N1,500
    Total-                N41,500
  2. Taiwo Odunsi- complicated meningitis – N49,000 for brain CT scan and other tests.
  3. Mukaila Qoatar- Tuberculous meningitis with hydrocephalus- needs brain CT scan, a shunt (to drain fluid in the brain), drugs etc… N100,000
  4. Ibukun Temilolu- Nephrotic syndrome (treatable kidney disease) Need to buy his drug (Cyclosporine) Cost is N30,715 which he uses for 25 days. The company is doing a promo of buy 2 packets and get 1 free.
    Mother could really do with some help. Total duration of treatment is at least 2 years and he has had 1 year already.
  5. Michael Onyebuchi- Hospital bill- N90,000 (mother is a widow)
  6. Islamiat Raji- 120,000  naira for insulin, glucometer and investigations
  7. Ololade Ayomipe- 60,000 for hospital stay
  8. Subomi Oladeji- 75,000 for hospital stay

The total cumulative cost is just under a Million Naira, an amount that I believe we can reach if we all pitch in with donations. If you have nothing to give, feel free to donate a tweet, or an instagram post or a Facebook status update. That way we get the word out.

For those that can donate, you can make donations to my Nigerian account “Okechukwu Ofili Diamond Bank 0064206894” or “ with” in the space called reference enter #ChildHelp so I know what the money is for.

NOTE: I know that there is a worry of scams, but I ask you to trust the ofilispeaks brand. I have seen the situation personally and would work to ensure that the funds get to their intended targets and will also provide you proof via pictures.

Let’s do this … hit donate or hit retweet!

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19 comments on “These Children Could Really Really Use Your Help #ChildHelp

  1. haven’t been around your website, i must say i like this new look its wearing.
    as the year winds down, I have been thinking of what I can do help, with the rampage of hardship that surrounds me, I say to myself, I can’t do much but how can i make a difference. the Ofilispeaks brand has earned my trust and i will do my part, no matter how small.
    Thank you Okechukwu for this

  2. Thanks for sharing, Okey. Health financing is a challenge for the poorest of the poor. I heard someone mention an idea on the radio. He said phone companies could collaborate with individuals and facilities to contribute 10% of every amount spent on recharge cards towards a pool for health expenses. So if you bought a N100 recharge card, you would only get N90 worth of credit and the rest would go into a fund for Health expenses and such. It could be one other way to fund our poorly-funded health systems.

  3. Hmm. Research, feasibility studies, concept notes, advocacy meetings with the companies, ministry of health stakeholders and HMOs, possible partnerships with people working in health systems strengthening–it’s a whole project. Not sure if the person who mentioned the idea is already working on it. Will look it up

    • To add a bit of salt to what Omei mention, there could also be a way of donating through our mobile lines/ mobile carriers.By sending an sms to a certain number, a certain amount is donated.They do it where I reside .It is a very simple and easy way to donate just that all the telephone companies just have to step forward first

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