The Kreative Department

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Author: Ofili

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8 comments on “The Kreative Department

  1. Corporation Check List: Money- check, Legally Covered- check, Individual thought…. Individual thought…. INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT!!! Damn can I get a check!

  2. nonso ofili on said:

    Kreativity is a dirty job that finds gold and the sales and legal department make it beautiful and legit.

  3. Eze A on said:

    Why waste money on kreativity when the sales department brings it in and the legal department keeps it in?

  4. Senora K on said:

    Legal and kreative department are nothing without me says The Sales Dept
    or Without “ME” (the sales department), legal and kreative department will be out of a job or I make the money that pays your bills summarized into
    yo Legal & Kreative, I put food on your table cuz without me you will be nada.
    yo Legal & kreative, I make the money that pays all your bills so best respect me

    thats all folks 🙂

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