But Will My Generation Be Different? #PrivateJet

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But will my Generation be different?
Different from that other generation?
You know … that generation that gave us NEPA, NITEL and Corruption?

Deep down I feel that my generation can be different, but then some things I see just leave me scratching my head.

For instance I heard that current Rivers state governor Rotimi Amaechi flew 10 of my generation people on a PRIVATE JET to tour Rivers State to prove that he is working.

I was expecting pictures of the Port-Harcourt airport tent building or pictures of the state’s public schools or maybe the buildings sawed in half to accommodate the attempted new road constructions. I expected something of substance … an article or a vlog maybe … but nothing!

All I saw were Private Jet pictures sprinkled across the internet with praises of “see how God has blessed me”

Now I am not saying don’t enter private jet, but what I am saying is don’t forget the assignment you were sent there to carry out. A private jet invitation from the Governor of a state as critical as Rivers State is not a blessing from God, it is a responsibility from God. A responsibility to tell the people the truth about Rivers state! THE END

generation difference

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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30 comments on “But Will My Generation Be Different? #PrivateJet

  1. I Am Magnus

    First comment on this post… “See how God has blessed me” and i’m here to remember what i was sent for [Which Is] spot two Celebs in One jet on the same corner and on different days.

  2. You’re almost certainly going to be accused of being a “hater”. Is our generation different? I don’t think so. Yes, we’re more aggressive, knowledgeable, hip, suave, “selxy” and politically aware but I haven’t seen anything that shows we’re any less selfish and incompetent as the generations that brought us here. If anything we have an entitlement complex and are complete showoffs.
    Before anyone calls for my head, I’m not saying we’re all terrible but I don’t think we’re the turning point generation.
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  3. Well, even the so called educated / classy are behaving as badly as the touts.
    National cake deficiency! Just because?
    Who is now going to show the poor market women the right people to vote for?
    Too much questions on my part, forgive me. But one thing is sure…..dairis God!

  4. Olajumoke Bello on said:

    Sigh Ofili lets tell ourselves the truth, our generation and indeed mine was not raised to serve. We were raised to expect hand-me-downs and sudden riches and the good things of life, not to serve. I too was expecting pictures of the result of this private jet trip, to no avail. I was expecting my colleagues to not get carried away with the glamour of a private jet ride but to know they were on a mission as ambassadors of the youth. I was expecting them to talk about what they saw on fb and post pictures of Amaechi’s so called work on IG. We have seen nothing so that means the trip failed.
    Sad to say that our generation will NOT bring the change we need. We are too caught up in showing off our good fortune.
    So sad.

  5. ….oopsy! Oh no! You didn’t go there! I’m glad you did. Are we the reconceptualized generation? No! The idea behind the change we seek is only existent in minds of a few…I mean a minute number of young Nigerians. Reason is probably because we were born into the system of corruption. ..it is what we know…it is what we have become accustomed to. Can we bring change? Yes. If the few reconceptualized ones are able to muddle their way through the crowd to take up leadership roles. Ofili…did you just give a cup of nice chocolate chip icecream under a hot sunny day at the beach? Haha! Thanks for going there…thank you.
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  6. I just watched another campaign and I asked myself when we will stop squandering tax payers’ money on petty personal expenses. I wondered if we would ever get to public office to serve and serve alone. We need a real paradigm shift to move to where we ought to be.
    I think there is hope. It could be our generation but then again, it may not be. It depends on us and our everyday choices.
    Thanks for questioning the status quo, Ofili.

  7. Yes our generation is different, we are worse. For a change to happen in Nigeria, everyone over the age of 3 needs to be wiped out.

    Funny thing is we don’t like to hear the truth so like someone already mentioned, be prepared for all the “you’re a hater” comments that shall be coming your way.

    All these folks that flew out all have a strong social media presence where they post their lives away. It’s unfortunate that we held our breaths for nothing. Alas we shall have to take a visit to PH on our own dime to see if Amaechi was truly working

  8. Grace Ashama on said:

    Thanks for this Ofili. I believe that there are certain persons in our generation that stand out. The statement you made about enjoying but not forgetting the assignment we have been given (I think I paraphrased) really got me. Thanks for this powerful piece.

  9. Our Generation is actually worse than those there now….we are less educated(going to school in the US or UK or bluffing your way through college is not what I am talking about), greedy, oppressive,selfish etc.

    It is sad but I guess that is what progress is in the country.

  10. Essien on said:

    And we complain about the so many wrongs there are when it comes to infrastructure and all. I don’t blame them o, i have been wondering though if they realize they’ve let a lot of young people down….. God help us!!

  11. Will our generation be better? The other day Amaechi was in Lagos and held a surprise birthday party for Debola of the Future Nigeria, at the Eko Hotel and Suites. The wing where the party was held is a new one called Eko Signature and the highest rate for a room per night is 300k. Rivers State has a lodge in Lagos but Amaechi did not sleep there. The amounts he spent on a room can pay tens of Rivers workers salary, but Debola and his friends who are part of our generation indulged the governor on. I realise that I could have even fancied the same treatment if I were Demola. So, will our generation be better? I hope like many, but honestly, I don’t think so.

  12. chica on said:

    Where do we even start from to repair nigeria?theres just so much that’s goin wrong..but I want to see hope in all these.

  13. kachi on said:

    Wipe out everyone above the age of 3…u sound like my grandfather, God bless his soul)…well,what were u expecting, a generation where we only seek out to satisfy our selfish desire. Our generation lacks the wherewithal, or focus…God bless Nigeria.

  14. Kenneth Ezere on said:

    Our generation is no diferent. We hv bcom esau dat sold his birth ryt for a morsel. Look at it…..4 undergraduates were killed in Alo, 200 young girls dashed 2 terrorist, youngmen nd women being gunned down by trigger happy police men everyday, our schools being shut down by politicians at wil..not even a sound 4rm our generation…. The only tym we c our so cald youth leaders is wen d are goin 4 political endorsement nd Private jets ride. Students unions hv bcom d political wing of political parties…no body cares. In sane societies do we a private jet 2 know wether a govt is workin or nt…..our generation is part of where we are today.GBAM

  15. PriscilaNeymous on said:

    As if we could be any less Nigerian… *sigh* 50 years from now, it’ll be the same till we decide to change our orientation.

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