Bring Back Our President

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buhari the martianDear United Nations, we can’t find our President!
Ever since he got inaugurated on May 29th, 2015 we have not seen him in #Nigeria.
And this is suspicious … because before the election he visited us almost every day on radio, television and in our streets.
But since inauguration, he has all but disappeared. We don’t hear from him except from his multiple special media assistants.
And the only time we get to see him is from the abroad on CNN, BBC and Gambian Television. We are worried about his whereabouts. 😔
We think he may have travelled so much that he accidentally travelled to Mars and got left in the “other” room.
We believe this is likely because CNN announced last year that Nigeria is planning to send an astronaut into space by 2030.
We suspect that this maybe a top secret mission to bring back our President from Mars.
But Nigerians can’t wait till 2030, things are tough in 2017, the recession is killing us, inflation is rising, foreign investors are fleeing, and by the time he comes back Nigeria might be dead 😥
So please United Nations, we take God beg you … help us ask China or Russia to borrow us one space rocket so that we can bring back our President before 2019!
Signed Nigerians #saibaba #TheMartian #BBOP

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