Breaking News: The National Television Is Not To Be Confused With The Streets #Headies2015

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Breaking News: The National Television is not to be confused with the Streets

You can’t be throwing F-bombs, dropping cups, flinging caps, hurling insults, dropping Mics and flipping the bird on National television! And be claiming the streets!


Stop that rubbish.

The “streets” is not a ticket for misbehavior. It’s not an excuse for stupidity. You represent several brands. Several international brands for that matter.

And all the Nigerians that are supporting this nonsense in the name of the “streets,” let’s get off that nonsense. This monopolistic definition of the “streets” is insulting.

There are hardworking people on the streets, quiet people on the streets, humble people on the streets, people legitimately working to make things happen on the streets for themselves and others.

You can be from the “streets” and still carry yourself with dignity. To default this sad behavior to the “streets” is an insult to the hardworking people out there who carry themselves with dignity regardless of the situation.

Please let’s stop insulting the “streets” in the name of the “streets!”

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46 comments on “Breaking News: The National Television Is Not To Be Confused With The Streets #Headies2015

  1. Adisa Olawale on said:

    Finally someone that reasons with me, Its unfortunate that youths have lost all form of decorum, to think that a great number of youths applauded that display, Its sad to say that we might not even have entertainers worth emulating again.

  2. Your post is not complete. The comment from Don Jazzy is so condescending . I’m not a fan of both party but I wouldn’t watch anybody talk to me like that. Yes , Olamide went too far but he has a right to speak his mind. In my opinion , Don Jazzy is the big goat here!!

    • Ofili

      Did Don Jazzy throw Microphone on the ground? Fling cap in the air? Throw cup on the ground? Flip the bird on national television? Say F*** and shit on national television? Then go on a twitter rant hurling several insults totaling over 20? Calling him names and insulting his generation because of headies award?

      Abeg if it award that is causing it he should come and collect it.

      • I hate to say you are biased with you reporting. How can you support what Don Jazzy said on national television. I wouldn’t take it lightly with anybody either. I agree that Olamide was wrong but one thing though , he has a right to speak his mind. Don Jazzy acted like a lil baby for calling out Olamide when dude did not even mention his name. Olamide’s ranting was directed at Headies not Don Jazzy.

        • Ofili

          Ola you don’t need to mention a person’s name to disrespect them.

          Lastly, everyone has a right to speak, that does not mean you go on national television and start throwing F-bombs.

          On bias, to each his own. We all can’t please the world.

          • This is the part that baffles me- did he call his name? Would you stand in the way of a bullet because the shooter didn’t mention your name while loading his bullets?
            Besides his twitter rants actually show that his outburst was directed at him, years of beef if you ask me.
            This isn’t ‘streetz’ behaviour, it’s his agbero side taking over.
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          • God bless you for this response…people are so simple and pedestrian in their thought processes,,,he insulted rekado banks credentials as an artist and by association don jazzy…and olamide stepped out of line…guess all his brand people will be slapping his wrist now.

        • From his twitter rants (in which he didn’t even mention Ayo Animasaun once), it’s pretty obvious that he was directing his tirade at Don Jazzy.
          Seriously though if someone shades you that openly and goes as far as using swear words on your innocent mother (with or without mentioning your name) would you ignore it?
          This thing is about turf and supremacy, have you listened to Eyan May weather? The storm was brewing even then.
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          • You are obviously not aware of how it all started. The Twitter rant followed the car comment made by Don Jazzy. How dare Don Jazzy belittle Olamide like that.

            Don jazzy didn’t give the awards and I don’t think anybody would say the initial comments were directed at Don Jazzy. He went OFF on the Headies saying the award should have gone to Lil Kesh as he had back to back hit songs all year round. Olamide stated “Ko ni da fun Iya anybody” which is a street slang

            Please tell me how he directed the comments at Don Jazzy. Yes he was completely wrong with f*** word and probably his display on National Tv. In my opinion , Don Jazzy is the bigger goat here for making such comments.

        • Going by your “everyone has a right to speak their mind” line, it would be tight to state that Don Jazzy was also speaking his mind IN RESPONSE.
          The question now is in the trade of words who behaved in a mature manner.
          It is high time Olamide learnt that his antics are out rightly childish and wrong especially on National TV.

        • Ahmeda on said:

          Are you the spirit of direction? how on earth can you speak for Olamide as per where his statement and actions are directed at when he uptill now has not even said who he directed it to. They all go dere sing, dance and fraternise with the media outfits and you now don’t win an award and you loose ur brains and allow the content of the “Red Cup” control your actions.

          • I’m not the spirit of direction but it’s called “common sense”. So Don Jazzy is the bigger guy for calling out Olamide?

      • I don’t think you need change in this country, if he didn’t do this and face the tune we will not knowing what’s really going on. He might have acted beyond what we want but at least someone voice out and he said something I can never forget “don Jazzy is not God” nobody can do or say what he did said even the so called dbanj and wande Cole. And you said something about national TV, please can you define your type of national TV, is it nta or channelstv or wat, even on any national TV station anything can happen to show case or to protest what you don’t want. I see no wrong thing in what he did personally because someone has to voice out and we are all asking for petrol price reduction during GEJ tenure, everybody is ready to provoke and do so many thing nasty on national TV so why this is excempted. About don Jazzy, I know he is big man coz of money stuff and that why he said he should come and collect the car, please how can he say that on your so called national television. Anyway, I can’t say much again coz i knw if Lil Kesh is not worth collecting the stuff why not kiss Daniel oooo coz woju wordings are not false language. I rest my case but please the article below:
        Below is DJ Jimmy Jatt’s open letter:

        “When i wrote my first open letter to Headies on December 29, 2013, the majority opinions I got was that I was correct while others felt I was just an “Attention seeker”. Headies as an award should be credibile and not just over hyped. We have hundreds of award shows every year in Nigeria and they are not as controversial as this one. Headies as an award are still not appreciating certain artiste, producers, entertainers and Dj’s who work 24/7 to make sure they bring out the best. They give us the impression that once you are not nominated or you do not win, you have not started your career;This is a BIG LIE. Over the years, All Ayo Animashaun and HipTv family have proven that it is Money over Integrity and that is why he always ignores the choices of majority of Nigerians or could it be that they innocently dont even know what they are doing?
        I am not here to analyse the faults of headies in full but you can read the other complains on twitter with the hashtag #TheHeadies2015.
        Firstly, I noticed your hall was half empty. Your live broadcast that you always brag about had the picture quality of NTA channel 10 and your technical crew were going offline every time things became awkward and they immediately have to switch to “lyrics on the go” to cover up your shame. I watched BET African awards live and Mtv and i can see a very huge difference in all aspects. You still have a lot to learn. Another disturbing fact is that headies as an award is creating bad blood among colleagues in the Nigerian music scene. Headies is the reason why we have not seen collaborations among certain musicians. Tell me why Phyno,Davido, Falz, Solidstar and many other music producers and artiste who have been topping charts this year where not recognized? Next Rated
        Now Of all the categories, this is the only one worth arguing over.Even though this is not a voting category, I stand by million of Nigerians to say that Lil Kesh or Kiss daniel deserve the award. What are the reasons? Lil Kesh has more hit tracks, Swag, Stage performance, Composure and in the long run Lil Kesh may last longer for years to come. Infact, I will rather invest N10m on Lil kesh career than Reekado’s. That is not to say Reekado is not hardworking or he does not have the talent but lil kesh has that special something. Infact Reekado still does not have any Hit track to date. Yes !!!!! I say that with all sense of authority. Songs like Corner, Sugar baby, Catapult are NOT hit tracks, they are just popular and they could have gone National but they are NOT hit tracks. Dont confuse a popular song with a Hit track. Let me explain, As a DJ if I dont play “Gbese” “Efejoku” “Shoki” “Reggae Blues” “Woju” “Laye” “Godwin” at any party, i will have loads of people coming to request for them but people dont disturb me if i do not play Reekado banks songs. Do you get the point? In fact another proof Reekado still does not own a hit track is that an average Nigerian parent who do not follow music still know songs like “Woju” “Bobo”, “Ojuelegba” and “Efejoku”. While i was writing this, i played reekado’s songs to the older generation and they claimed never to have heard them.
        In conclusion
        All Nigerian artiste and producers, do not place your hope on the Headies which should now be referred to as “The Leggings”. Do not say because you where not recognized it means you are not trying, keep doing what you are doing and let the Headies keep on doing what they are known for – NONSENSE.. !!! Do not forget to send your insults and blessing to the writer @Baddestdjtimmy and tell me exactly how you feel. I also need someone to clear this please, Don Jazzy said ” The organizers told him to call Reekado to come…So he left Alibaba’s show” Does that mean he knew Reeky was going to win that category? Cynthia Morgan was absent and i am sure the organisers did not tell Jude Okoye to tell Cynthia Morgann to rush down there.”

        You be the judge !!!!!

        • Kiddo,

          God bless you . I read the same article yesterday from Jimmy Jatts and he’s well respected in the industry. I’m deeply gutted with that statement ” Egbon Olamide if you want the car , you can come take it ” . How come he has not bought cars for the so called Children? They still hop around town in cabs . In fairness Rekaddo needs the car more than lil kesh. The car was never the problem.

          Olamide takes care of his own crew unlike Don Jazzy!!!

    • Olamide spoke his mind and insulted everyone because his artiste was shortchanged. Don Jazzy put him down in a brutal way without resorting to insults and he’s a big goat? Aren’t you a tad biased.

      Anyway this post is about Olamide’s outburst- which we can’t even blame Don Jazzy for, seeing that Don’s remark was in RESPONSE to Olamide’s drivel.

      Olamide is a brand ambassador for a major telecoms company as well as other brands, a person in his position should exercise decorum in public and even in private. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and when the affairs became public, he lost millions of dollars worth of endorsement deals. This wasn’t a public display of stupidity like Olamide’s but a man conducting his private affairs as he saw fit yet he lost so much.

      We all know Mel Gibson, Superstar actor and director, Oscar winner and sex symbol. Mel Gibson was recorded (recorded o, not live TV) spewing antisemite sentiments and his career has died a painful death despite his abundance of talents.

      Of course Kanye West is still fresh in our memories and in fairness to him, he didn’t utter expletives in his now famous speech. He said his mind without insulting anybody’s mother or anything yet we all saw Jay Z’s gradual withdrawal from his homie who was even defending his wife and his slight decline- even though some people like to blame it on the Kardashian effect.

      Olamide messed up, this is not about Don Jazzy, after all Don Jazzy did not lead him up there to say the trash that he’s saying. If Olamide had been based in the US, Etisalat would have released a statement on the 2nd of January dissociating themselves from Olamide and his actions and his endorsement deal would have ended immediately,.

      Our artistes dream of conquering the world, of winning Grammys and getting world recognition. If Olamide cannot handle the headies at this stage of his career, then he’s not ready for primetime. As a huge fan of Olamide- you can’t like Olamide more than me, I want him to hit stratospheric heights, to be a truly global superstar in the mould of Jay Z. However if he can behave like this because of headies, what will he do when he’s denied a Grammy?
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  3. Olamide is fortunate I wasn’t on stage…he will get a feel of the streets…acting like an untrained rascal…carrying plastic cup with alomo in it claiming streets. Now is apologising upandan. Jazzy is used to social media stunts, hence the no-reaction

  4. Femi Eastwood on said:

    Both parties involved threw shades from all quarters over their unbridled quest and appetite for fame vis-a-vis recognition. What a shame!

    • Ofili

      One party did not cuss on National stage and Social media. One party did not flip the bird on national stage. I get tired when people try and equate the 2 actions as if they are equal.

      • I agree. In the actual sense of decorum and what’s all wrong with always “saying your mind”, both of them were wrong.
        Cussing on TV is wrong.
        Saying your mind in an indirect response is also wrong.

  5. Biases… this write up and some comments are very myopic. this is called illiteracy of the mind. Anyone can react to whatever they see as wrong. Don jazzy shoulder said all those things. His action required a reaction. Both parties were wrong

  6. JustPassingBye on said:

    Thank you Ofili. Olamide’s behavior was beyond disappointing. Everyone knows the Headies are a fan-voted award. To feign ignorance of that is just stupid. If Lil Kesh believed he had such a huge impact, he should have campaigned for votes like everyone else. Olamide lost a fan today. Big ups to Don Jazzy for staying classy.

  7. Olumide on said:

    Ofili, I think the problem is our confused and misguided youth who see people like Olamide as role models. (Not minding that my name is OLUmide)

    “Street(s)” slang is indeed actually an euphemishm for AGBERO!

    There are a ZILLION other ways Mr.”Baddo” could have registered his displeasure, cussing and throwing a fit? NEVER a sign of a mature mind (Orubebe vs Jega on my mind)

    Coming on stage with a posse, all liquored-up using the F word, throwing a fit like a baby he is?

    U call that “being boss”?

    What do I know anyway, afterall he says He is “The Baddest Guy” what sort of behaviour do you expect?

    I’m done.

  8. Are you the spirit of direction? how on earth can you speak for Olamide as per where his statement and actions are directed at when he uptill now has not even said who he directed it to. They all go dere sing, dance and fraternise with the media outfits and you now don’t win an award and you loose ur brains and allow the content of the “Red Cup” control your actions.

  9. I don’t think this article was written to be biased or take sides or even start another argument like many of us are doing in this comment section.

    I don’t even care about the streets sef. This is the TV for christ sakes! You can’t just do anything you like on TV (in front of the whole world) and think you can get away with it.

    It would be really sad if the media bodies don’t do anything about it!

    This is not about Don Jazzy vs Olamide… This is about what the ripple effects of these crazy actions will have on our kids.

  10. I’m here jeje watching the big winner – Hyundai – in all of this with side-eye to see if they’ll pull a markerting stunt with this controversy.

  11. Lauryn on said:

    Some things are just too obvious to be left alone. Reekado didn’t deserve the award plain and simple. And it was obvious to everyone. When these things happen, rules are flown out the window. If pple do not speak out, how are problems identified. Besides Headies needs the publicity

  12. vekietoria on said:

    All I’m saying is you do not cuss on National TV…. .Don Jazzy’s reply tho insulting had no cuss words He only stood up for Reekado who olamide made feel like Nothing. I also think that this award seeing that it’s a non voting category has certain criteria….. Maybe lyrical content which I must say Kesh has little or nothing compared to Reekado. Olamide messed up nd I think the most illiterate comment I’ve heard on this is that olamide didn’t call Jazzy’s name…..people with that sort of thinking should be locked somewhere deep as they’re definitely not what Nigeria needs right now
    PS. Don jazzy is great at damage control…..Not a word from him since the incident now that’s maturity

  13. It is unacceptable to speak like that on national television…well written @ofilispeaks. It shouldn’t be condoned in anyway! Regardless of who is at fault.

  14. I think you guys are missing the point. You don’t go on national television with endorsements tied to your name and spit nonsense and then go on a twitter rage and ofcourse cap it up with an apology to your fans….PLEASE!!!. Simply put, You are a brand and you represent more than yourself. Don’t go putting the blame on Don Jazzy because the way I see it he was the better man..

  15. All i see is 43 comments. In comparison with 1 for Mama Amaka, and 2 for the young girl who dreams even in the starkness of reality. Issorait.

  16. This may seem ridiculous. Maybe Olamide should have thought to play down on Ego and Abuse.

    1. Take to Twitter
    i. Apologise to the Headies community.
    ii. Apologise to the fans
    iii. Tweet at Don Jazzy and the Mavin Crew – thank Don Jazzy for the offer and tell him you’re coming for the car (he can probably start a #ReleaseTheCar)
    iv. Announce on the day the YBNL crew will be visiting the Mavin crew to collect the car (Still with the Hashtag)
    v. Make it all about the car.

    2. Take to the Street
    i. YBNL visits Mavin to collect the Car.
    ii. Take photos all the way.
    iii. By now, it will probably be all about the car.
    iv. Collect the car

    3. Take to the Market
    i. Put the controversial Hyundai car on the market.
    ii. Sell it for 3x its worth.
    iii. Split the cash evenly with the entire YBNL crew.

    And …..

    But then what do I know. And who ever said something like this is possible.

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