#Bokoharam Stop Messing With Kids

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Ok I have had it with Bokharam…actually I have had it for quite a while. But July 6th! That pushed me over the top.

I mean children? Who attacks children? I don’t care what has pissed you off with the government but you don’t go around attacking children to drive home a point. That is not terrorism that is cowardism. We need to stop calling #bokoharam terrorist’s cause only cowards attack defenseless children.

And our leaders…my God. If #bokoharam was gay marriage they would have passed a bill to mandate national IDs, seal the borders and have CCTV’s all over Nigeria. But since this is not gay marriage and it probably involves debate over who gets the contract. Nothing has been done.

I am so aggrieved I can’t even fully express my anger. Children? For fucks sake…why? How does someone wake up one day and without any provocation start to kill innocent people? And then go over to children? What religion or God advocates that children can be killed to drive home a point!

And our journalists…can you please tell us who the victims are. Every time shit like this happens we hear all about bokoharam but nothing about the victims. I mean we don’t even know the names of those killed yet, we don’t have their pictures. Nothing. Its quite sad. Sad sad.

Please #bokoharam stop messing with our kids and pick on people your own size!

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11 comments on “#Bokoharam Stop Messing With Kids

  1. Ifeoluwa Falola on said:

    It’s really sad when we things like this.. I personally think we as a nation should focus on erasing the “boko haram” menace in absolute totality.What’s a nation if it’s citizens live in fear?

  2. The Boko Haram are a sect without purpose. They are politically motivated in my opinion. Their leader came out recently to strongly affirm that they had no hand in this particular incident. I don’t know all the details, but whoever is responsible for this is less than human
    Uchendu UchenduTalks.com latest post is Horrible Things a Teacher DidMy Profile

  3. Its just very very sad… i mean why on Earth will a group of people in the first place decide to kill their fellow humans not to now talk of Children… I mean What nonsense… The Nigerian government are not trying at all. 🙁 Probably if the President’s child or one of the top officials, have their own children murdered in cold blood for no reason at all then they’ll be “on top of the situation”
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