How Blogging Changed My Life

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October 1st will be my (x^2-961) day on earth, which is quite a long time. Looking back at the days in primary school when I could not write an essay to save my life and  comparing that to now when I have two books ironically titled “How ______ Saved My Life,” is quite cool.

And it is all because of blogging!

You see when I started blogging several years ago on an old rusty typewriter my dell inspiron laptop, little did I know it would lead me on a crazy mesmeric journey. I simply blogged because I wanted to share my crazy life experiences with a small circle of friends. Over the course of a few years that circle expanded to twitter, tumblr, facebook, blackberry and now pinterest…and as the network grew, I began to meet more and more amazing people including entrepreneurs, game changers, bloggers, community organizers, ninjas, and just everyday people passionate about making life better for others. I also began to realize a dream that 10 years ago would have been impossible to imagine…a dream that a guy that failed English consistently would not only blog consistently but author 2 books, with a 3rd one in the works. I would like to say that that dream was a direct result of my super awesome brilliance and human strength, but honestly it is amazing friends and relentless critics that have got me this far. 

So to show my appreciation for everyone that has helped me on this journey, I decided to prepare a delicious meal of rice and beans for everyone…but after hours in the kitchen trying to blend Rice Krispies with Baked Beans…I gave up. So instead of cooking food I decided to focus on cooking up words of thanks and appreciation!

  1. Thanks Ngozi Egele and Taire Avbovbo, you are the ones that really got me believing that I could write a book. You were and still are one of my most relentless critics. I would send an article and it would come back with so many red marks and corrections and we would argue and argue until the article was perfect. That phase in my blogging and writing life was my most defining. Thanks thanks thanks.
  2. Thanks Kene Nkwontah, not a lot of people have pushed out my brand like you have. You did the Bellanaija connection, Stanbic connection and even took books to sell yourself. Really appreciate you man.
  3. Thank Aziza, we have never met. But my first interaction with you was the long email you sent critiquing my writing style and grammatical error. I so wish you were wrong, but you were write[sic]. I have received more of those emails and at the same time written even more. Thanks for giving me an oppurtunity on to share my articles with your audience. Truly appreciate it….PS: Everytime I read ynaija now…I am searching for errors #revenge
  4. Thanks to bellanaija, especially Gloria aka editor-in-chief-of-the-blog-forces for giving me an opportunity to share my STUPIDITY with the Bellanaija community. I am so appreciative of the platform and it was through you guys that I met so many people and made so many contacts.
  5. Thanks Linda Ikeji, for you being you. The first time I saw you I was like wow she has a nice _________, and then when I heard you speak I was like this is what Nigeria needs. You stories are inspirational, honest and simple. And your marketing intelligence…super. I learnt so much about social media from the short Chicken Republic lunch meeting. Thanks for being you and for your generosity. Keep rocking!
  6. Thanks Blossom aka twitter @blcompere, you came to my bootcamp to learn from me. But I have to admit I have learned so much from you. You are someone that does not waste time with implementing ideas. You took all the ideas generated at the bootcamp and simply ran away with them. Thanks also for all your testimonials, I get so many people from Abuja telling me that they heard this lady talking about you and about your class and about this. All I can say is thank you…you connected me to the folks at, the guys at TEDxYouth Zumarock, you purchased over a 100 books…just thank you. You are like the sugar in my tea retweets in my tweets.
  7. Muhsin of, thanks thanks thanks. When you called me about putting books on your website, I was at the point of frustration with the Nigerian system. Silverbird bookstores had not paid me for months, Glendora had not paid me for years, I was always calling up stores to get money owed…but with you guys, you gave me hope. Hope that Nigeria’s next generation will fix the problems plaguing the book industry and commerce in general. You took the books, promoted the books, honored your contracts and made payments in a timely fashion! I know you guys will be successful in all you do.
  8. Jacinta Anigbo, what can I say…you are like what Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) was to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in the Devil Wears Prada…except of course that the boss (Okechukwu Ofili) is way kinder and awesomer. Thanks for being an incredible personal assistant and helping me do the little stuff so that I can focus on the bigger stuff. Thanks thanks thanks.
  9. Thanks James Hamilton, I always say that you are one of the best speakers I have ever seen speak. I heard you speak at toastmasters at the club contest and I said to myself “I have to speak like this guy.” Thanks for inspiring me and thanks for just being there, for giving feedback on book covers and book layout and everything. Much love and can’t wait to see you on the big stage that you deserve.
  10. Mr. Ewetuya, quite a perfect man except for 2 exceptional flaws…#1 Supports Manchester United and #2 Is an Aggie. On the real man, thanks so much for everything. For sharing my articles on facebook, for giving me feedback especially on the Nigerian based articles. For volunteering to read my crap draft works. Thanks so so much. I really appreciate it.
  11. Tunde Ademuyiwa of FUNMobile, man…we went like 6 months or so working on that mobile book app system. We worked with the guys from India and then Nigeria. Got to dead-ends, turned back around, started again…but you kept at it. I remember when I had given up and wanted to release the app, even with the bugs and you refused. You said to wait and release a perfect product. I just want to say thanks. I met 2 people last week who said the mobile ebook app was revolutionary and I realize it was because of you.
  12. Thanks Jude Nwoko, aka Mr.Microsoft, you are like the app critic from hell. You see all the things blind to others. You are always eager to help with book feedback and app feedback especially. Thanks for encouraging and helping me out. Your advise has been so so critical and I  know the next app would be bonkers!
  13. John Okoro and the Covenant University students, all I can say is wow! I have spoken at so many schools and organizations, but I have never received a more rasping welcome than the one I get at your University. You guys went above and beyond with publicity, with catering, with everything. And the man behind it all was John Okoro. Very driven and focused. Thanks for being the first Nigeria University to invite me to speak. You will always be #1.
  14. Thanks Ikechukwu Ofili, the guy who started it all. I was crying about business name registration and you were like just do it. That moment, inspired a chapter, a book, the most awesome blog (in my opinion) in the world and a bootcamp. Thanks for introducing me to wordpress and for answering all my technologically challenged questions and for being brutally honest with my book cover designs. Thanks for everything…there would be no without you and that’s the truth.
  15. And final thanks to all the Ninjas in my life, you are too many to mention. You believe in my brand more than I do, you fight to get the books, give me feedback on my blog, always there to lend a hand. Thanks so much…it has been quite a journey…but it’s only the beginning…Stay awesome and keep on blogging…

Ofili is an award winning chef motivational speaker, author, success coach and cook entrepreneur who blogs about life, success and entrepreneurial excellence. Follow him on twitter , facebook or subscribe to his blog for more success TIPS!” To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. He has written two books, How Laziness Saved My Life and the best-selling How Stupidity Saved My Life, to find out how they both saved his life visit

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38 comments on “How Blogging Changed My Life

  1. Ok so I just sat down and read the whole thing while munching crackers with cheese and peanut butter, looking for my name. But I didn’t see it and guessed it falls under the ninja section. Smh.

    Anyway, you write good, never heard you speak but I suppose you’re much more understandable than Wole Soyinka. Keep blogging. One day, ninjas will deem you worthy of the title.

  2. You are welcome. And Happy birthday :). Listening to you on 92.3 helped me finally make the decision of actually becoming serious with my business. And registering. Thank YOU 🙂

  3. Guess I fall into the category of ninjas… Happy 52nd birthday once again..:) had to give u a shout today on the radio.. My colleagues at the studio were excited to hear about you. I Literally compelled them to look up your website and save the title of your books on their phones and also promise to buy them wherever they find it! You’re really an inspiration. I sure won’t forget how your article (how to self-publish or so) and your messages helped me achieve my goal of publishing my 63 page self help-book(Why Not You?) four months ago during me service year.. I hardly miss your posts.. hardly.. and I also admire how you pass across your message in your posts with humour….. To cut the long story short.. You too much. Have a blast!

  4. adeshina okunubi on said:

    Happy Birthday okey. i do believe you broke down the bariers of ignorance with your writings. i have read almost all your write up and listen to you speak so passionately from the heart.
    keep the lead shortening and the rubbers cleaning and one day soonest a pulitzer may just be announced. kudos

  5. Yagazie Madu on said:

    Happy Birthday Sir Ofili….i always look forward to reading your Posts they’re truly inspiring. Keep up the great work! God Bless You

  6. Blessing Okoro on said:

    Splendid write up. Wishing you many more years of successful blogging and the learning of the skills to cook that rice and beans…lool. It was amazing having you in Covenant University. Happy bday again.

  7. Omozino on said:

    This is lovely, you have really come far and you earned every blessing you have today. Reading your articles on bellanaija was my first contact with you. Your coming to Covenant University was the highlight I and two other ninjas could not sleep it that week, we talked about how this awesome guy was coming to speak and how you were worth hearing and that day was awesome. I have learnt a whole lot from you and everyday I thank God for you and I never cease to talk about Ofilispeak, my family has been dragged into the world of creative ninjas :D. The new edition of my book ‘ Yes You Can’ was inspired by you, working on my website/ blog I have learnt how to blog the right way with your post 5 things every entrepreneur should know before blogging. You have been a huge blessing and heaven is definitely smiling at you because you have done and still doing what many people fail to do putting smiles on people’s faces and joy in their hearts. I’m a huge fan and loyal ninja #teamofili.

  8. precious on said:

    HBD and LLNP ……ur blogs have been a source of inspiration,kudos!!!! More crease 2 ur elbows. Make sure u finish up d cooking coz we are starving

  9. Olayinkat* on said:

    What about me that reads your ranting…sorry I meant blog everyday and always makes sure that I share something I have learnt at our official month-end meetings (I credit my source)…*sob sob*. I guess I will just stay in the background like other Ninja’s too and wish U well in all U do.

  10. I accept being a Ninja cos I just read your posts and smile and admire you more and more without dropping comments, but today I refuse to be a passer-by. You have a wonderful sense of humour and I like the way you pass a message across with it. You are an inspiration. I thank God for bringing all these people into your life, letting them affect you in a way that you can affect other people’s lives equally. God bless you and may you always enjoy the fruit of your labour.
    By the way, hope u got to taste the result from your rice krispies and baked beans before throwing it away, lol. Don’t even want to begin imagining wot blending the two will look like.

  11. On behalf of all Covenant University students, i want to say a big thank you for putting us on your appreciation list. And i must say that It indeed was fun having you around. Almost every student that read your book became addicted to it. A friend of mine didnt go to class for a day because he wouldnt go anywhere until he had finished ur book. Indeed, stupidity saved his life!
    It is indeed a pleasure to be associated with an individual like you who is successful yet accessible, learned yet understanding, and creative yet simple. I particularly appreciate your humility, creativity, humour and enthusiasm. You are the best platform speaker ive listened to and hosted. I was so blessed by your presentation that i talk about you wherever i go to speak. I want to assure you as you enter into a new calender of your life that what lies ahead is far greater than all you have ever come across. We and all your other Ninjas are ready to give all the support you need and to aquire as much chakra as required inorder to defend you. God bless you, and we hope you have you again in Covenant University very soon.

  12. Supreme Queen on said:

    Happy belated birthday. I like your writing and how you called out these bookstores. Most Nigerians are scared to do so, so as not to be the wicked ones bringing another person down. I guess I wrote this so I can get a reply as well 😉

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