To Say Nigerians Don’t Read Is The Biggest Lie with @tundeleye

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“To Say Nigerians Don’t Read Is The Biggest Lie”

That was an excerpt from my interview on Channels Television in August. An interview I did with awesome writer and blogger @tundeleye. Both of us are self-published authors who basically wrote books based off the success of our blogs. This is something that we were able to achieve simply because of one belief. And that is that contrary to popular belief … Nigerians do indeed love to and want to read books.

This belief is what drives the both of us to write and it is the same belief that drove the creation of okadabooks. We talk about all this with Channels Book club presenter Olakunle Kasumu an advocate for reading in Nigeria.

Sha check out the interview as we yab discuss the problem with Nigerian publishers, Nigerian bookstores and we the Nigerian authors. Nobody is spared in this no holds barred interview (Rocky Things)…lol. Do enjoy the interview and might I add Tunde Leye is a full time banker and I am a full time Engineer so if we can find time to write…what’s your excuse!

Grab a pen and start writing … but after you watch the video =D

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4 comments on “To Say Nigerians Don’t Read Is The Biggest Lie with @tundeleye

  1. Ife Martins on said:

    Wonderful interview. I just shelved whatever thoughts I had regarding sending my manuscript to a publisher (who may just be expecting another “Eze goes to school-esque” book). The Okada publishing is a viable option too but how much blood will one lose to actually have some copies printed physically? From your experience, it is safe for me to ask.

    • Ofili

      The amount of blood you will lose publishing in Nigeria, is directly proportional to your body mass. Hope that helps =D

  2. Lady S on said:

    Ofili, how did you publish your books? I’ve always been doubtful of self-published books because of the poor quality of work that’s done on most of them.

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