Belonging Is So Powerful Its Dangerous

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Belonging matters.

Each of us yearns for the tribe: for the affiliations that will support us, protect us, define us, help us make sense of a complex and overwhelming world. Everyday conversation revolves as much as ever around belonging: Do you use an iPhone or Android? Are you a Millennial or not? The one percent or the ninety-nine?

Belonging is powerful, so powerful it’s dangerous. It includes us but makes us insular. It informs us, but makes us ignorant of other views. Its makes a big world feel small and comfortable, for better and worse.

10-insights-on-the-membership-economy-robbie-kellman-baxter-1-638Excerpt from The Membership Economy
Written By Robbie Kellman Baxter
Actual Foreword by Allen Blue,
Co-founder of Linkedin


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3 comments on “Belonging Is So Powerful Its Dangerous

  1. Yes belonging becomes dangerous when it stops us from embracing other people’s views, respecting their opinions, connecting with others to create stuffs that matters. I love Robbie Kellman, she is one of the very few women (she and that lady that founded I can’t remember her name) that Inspires me to do more.
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  2. Its actually saddening how belonging can narrow our mindsets and soon we can’t have room to accommodate other belief systems that aren’t part of our membership club. And that is how we end up suppressing dreams and aspirations

  3. Human beings have an inherent need to belong and when this need is not fulfilled, it can lead to all kinds of problems. Belonging, in the present context, is a holistic concept. It’s often a feeling that’s been informed by unconscious thought borne of our attributions of whether we fit or not.
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