Okadabooks Wins The MTNApp 2013 App Challenge

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unnamedOkadabooks won the MTNapp challenge! 1 million naira and a brand new okada car. Thank you God!

All the days of running up and down Lagos talking to Telcos, dropping proposal left right and center, staying up at night meeting with developers in 3 different continents over the phone. Getting emails ignored, phone call ignored, people posting you and telling you that your idea is not going to work (no company names mentioned). All the days tweeting and instagramming okadabooks pictures.

But some people kept believing and supporting, Idiare from Etisalat (MTN no beef o), Eghosa Imasuen and Yona from Farafina Kachifo for giving us books even when we had only 500 users for giving us Americanah, David with Pearson Limited you know how you helped. Oghogho Omorotionmwan for all the intelligent feedback (don’t let your head swell). The best developer partner and CTO of okadabooks Emekachi (not real name) for jumping on the idea and believing in it. My brother Ike Ofili for technical guidance in the early early days when the idea was still on paper. Tunde Leye, Unen Ameji, Michael Oritogun, Ugochi for allowing us use their books. My Dad and Mum for waking me up in the middle of the night and at work and always asking, how is okadabooks doing you people will be big o. @omoboys secret association for early prototype feedback. Myne Whitman for believing and getting excited about the idea. Muda for working on typing all the Nigerian books and converting them from paper to word and to epub. Anyone else I may have forgotten (I just remembered Charlie Okpala for all the legal help, registering the company and looking over contracts) and people I can’t mention due to confidentiality reasons.

Linda Ikeji, for the (even though you will not like me to say it) big advert discounts, it was through you that we hit 1000 users. Bellanaija Uche Eze for just saying she would support us without us even asking. Ayodeji Rotinwa for the newspaper feature. And of course MTN and CCHub for putting this contest together, and for encouraging app development in Nigeria. At the end of the day it is not the money or car, but the recognition that really motivates us. We have not even released our strongest version of the app…it is still in BETA testing, but you will be excited with it. We won’t disappoint, the recognition gives us more fuel to keep pushing.

Thanks for riding with us…the journey has just begun o. Fasten you seat belts…I mean helmets 

AMENDMENTS: So obviously I forgot to thank a bunch of people and I have gotten called out for it…lol. But how could I forget Femi of PlirisMobile, the one company that has been with us from the start…also not mentioning them is a violation of our contract. Also Mr and Mrs. Oyebode for connecting us with Idiare and Stanbic Bank…much love. And also Kemi ogunniyi who has been our trumpet! And Beyonce for…well being Beyonce…

PS: If there are typos, allow them, I was too excited.


Author: Ofili

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62 comments on “Okadabooks Wins The MTNApp 2013 App Challenge

  1. Yetunde Aina on said:

    IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT’S DONE!! – Nelson Mandela. Congratulations and Well done for hanging in there!!

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  3. Moses Segun Ogunade (M.S.O) on said:

    Haha! Biggest congrats to you and your team. I am really excited for you, and I strongly believe we are in the right path to seeing the Nigeria we dream of, if Private and Public sector can continuously encourage Apps development for positive social changes.

    Once more GIANT CONGRATS to u 😉

  4. Cathy from Canada on said:

    Congrats Ofili, to you and everyone who helped and believed in the idea! You are a force of nature! Nigeria is so lucky to have you and others like you who are making their voices heard!

  5. Mr. Ofili!

    Congratulations and very well done. Very well deserved.

    And thank you for putting up with our lack of technical expertise.

    Ride on!

  6. Ehen, make i tok am where e dey do me. Ofili, u tink say i neva notice say u use style no finish dat my story (Unsung heroes) abi? Which kain waka be dat? Abi u wan becom politician? I bin dey try since, dey jejely wait you but i haff tire. Wetin na? No com 9ja until u post anoda installment o bcos 2 of us go follo put leg for one trouser for the airport, unless say u go use water return. I don tok my own be dat. *side eye*

  7. Ofili says I should tell you all that he also wanted to thank all his thousands of users all over the globe who keep using and assisting with the beta testing. LOL.

    Congrats O!! Job well done. I will send you my address for the jeep 😉 beep beep.

  8. Congrats Ofili & the Okada Apps Team. Well done guys. You guys are one of my main reasons for deciding to migrate to Android in Q1 of 2014. Looking forward to reading all the books I can and getting my friends and family to do same.

  9. Matthias Adedipe on said:

    Congrats Mr Ofili Ike., I met with you last at MET in Ikeja in 2007 when you came to motivate us on how to be successful in SAT and in fulfilling our dreams, then as prospectus students looking forward to studying in the States; we took some nice pix together! I wish you more breakthroughs in other such efforts ahead.

  10. Congratulobiaaa.. Okada books is the reason I am getting an andriod phone. 2014 would be. Bigger year for okadabooks, making it easier for book lovers to access more books.

    Bros you too much..God bless you yafu yafu

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  12. Congratulations!!! Shows that you never know what could happen unless you try. I saw on Ofili’s Instagram page that mtn also rewarded you with a Samsung Galaxy S4. One of your followers suggested that anyone interested in the phone should write a poem, here’s mine:

    I need a samsung
    Oh boy, it’s been long
    Since I held a new phone in my hands

    Two years have gone past
    Scratch that its been 3
    My blackberry’s falling apart

    I long for an s4
    But mehn the ting cost o
    Just wish I could get one for free

    Or maybe Ofili
    Would be such a sweety
    And bless me with the one he’s been given

    And then I would finally
    Have the opportunity
    To use the ofada books app

    Its one of the reasons
    That swayed my decision
    And pushed me in the samsung direction

    I know this will cause trouble
    I no wan battle
    Abeg team apple just let me be

    The point of the matter
    The crux of the matter
    The reason I typed all of this

    Was to let you know
    That a brand new Phone
    Will be received with much happiness and glEe

    Btw I’m a corper
    4 months allowee and over
    Is what I’ll need to get my dream phone

    Take this into consideration
    When you’re making the decision on the winner of this competition

    I hope with these few words of mine I have been able to convince you that the Samsung Galaxy S4 belongs to me.

    Ese, Gracias, thank you, danke, xie xie, dalu

  13. kudos to Okada books. Since i saw the advert in the newspaper yesterday its just your app. Happy this is happening!

    Please how do i contact you?

    Plenty thanks


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