Join The Petition For An Aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill #aluu4 #NeverAgainNG

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“Every person has a right to life, and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria.” ‒ Nigerian Constitution: Chapter IV Section 33 Fundamental Rights

Support For A Mob Justice Prohibition Bill

This petition is now closed.

End date: Dec 25, 2013

Signatures collected: 3670

Signature goal: 4001

3,670 signatures
Update: On October 22, Senator Uche Chukwumerijie of Abia State received the Draft Bill.
Update: On October 18, Senator Magnus Abe of Rivers State received the Draft Bill.

On October 5th, 2012, Chiadika Lordson, Kelechi Obuzor, Lloyd Toku and Tekena Erikena, all students at the University of Port-Harcourt,  were falsely accused of theft and severely beaten and burnt to death as scores of Nigerians stood and watched.

This scene Mob Justice has gradually become a normal way of life in Nigeria. As people/communities usurp the law and take matters into their own hands. Now we know that there are no dependable statistics or numbers regarding Mob Justice occurrences in Nigeria, but what we do know is that has been happening for years. And for years we have complained, we have cried and we have watched, but nothing has changed as Mob Justice still occurs with its perpetrators largely going unpunished.

This is largely due to the fact that people have lost faith in a police force and judicial system that have been derailed by corruption, incompetence, and inadequate resources. But also exacerbating the matter is the absence and lack of recognition of Mob Justice (and its many variations) as a crime in our Federal Laws, most particularly our CRIMINAL CODE ACTCAP C38 LFN 2004. An act which in its robust 145 page listing of criminal acts makes no mention or reference to Mob Justice…it covers Ritual Killings, Riots and even Counterfeit Stamps, but not Mob Justice.

Nigeria is in dire need of a law. A law that punishes those that carry out extra-judiciary acts of Mob Justice on their fellow Nigerians, but more importantly a law that prosecutes those that stand and watch as these acts occur. Because those that stand and watch are the ones feeding the frenzy as they make it difficult for law enforcement agents to break up the Mob and restore peace.

Now we can continue to do what we have done for years…but we know it will not solve the problem as it is yet to work. So now is the time to try something different  to rally around the creation of a law that explicitly prohibits Mob Justice in Nigeria. Fortunately, there is a petition for an Aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill (read: Proposed Bill) to address this issue. We are asking for your support in making this Bill or a variation of the Bill an actual reality in our criminal code. By signing the petition to your right hand-side, you will be doing just this. Your petition will be emailed directly to several Nigerian Senators and House Representatives including Senator Magnus Abe of Rivers State and Hon Abike dabiri-Erewa.

Our ultimate goal is to get at least 10,000 signatures/emails. To reach this goal, all you have to do is send this petition to your friends, post it on your blogs and share it on twitter or facebook. The more spread we get, the more impact we can make.

Let’s do something different today and let’s honor the aluu victims by creating a lasting law in their name. So that we tell our children a different story about Nigeria, different from the ones echoed below…

Nigerians In Support Of An Aluu4 Bill
3,670Kelechi NkwochaDec 20, 2013
3,669Ayo KassimNov 29, 2013
3,668ELOCHUKWU CHIMANov 01, 2013
3,667Odera OkakpuOct 20, 2013
3,666Tola OladijiOct 07, 2013
3,665CHIKA OBISep 27, 2013
3,664eniola tijaniSep 07, 2013
3,663Theresa OmoronyiaAug 01, 2013
3,662Oyati RichardApr 05, 2013
3,661Johnpaul IwuMar 30, 2013
3,660junnyjay jayMar 22, 2013
3,659Moyo AdenmosunMar 06, 2013
3,658Olaoluwa Adekoya Feb 18, 2013
3,657Beverly CosmosFeb 07, 2013
3,656David OkoruweFeb 05, 2013
3,655Timothy NwadikeFeb 02, 2013
3,654ohikere davidJan 28, 2013
3,653Chike MbanefoJan 14, 2013
3,652okolo johnJan 05, 2013
3,651Ngozi OrjiJan 04, 2013
3,650Osai OjighoJan 01, 2013
3,649Wolex KalexDec 25, 2012
3,648Adewale Owolabi Dec 24, 2012
3,647Judith EjioforDec 19, 2012
3,646Ogunniyi AgboolaDec 12, 2012
3,645stephen akinniranyeDec 11, 2012
3,644Raymond AkpanDec 04, 2012
3,643Adesuwa OmorotionmwanDec 02, 2012
3,642Ndidiamaka OkeiDec 02, 2012
3,641Eboigbe OmorotionmwanDec 02, 2012
3,640Uwabor OmorotionmwanDec 02, 2012
3,639ngozi ebegbulemDec 02, 2012
3,638yinka amusanNov 30, 2012
3,637femi balogunNov 30, 2012
3,636Adetola AdegunsoyeNov 30, 2012
3,635ginika AnaesiubaNov 30, 2012
3,634temitope arinmoNov 30, 2012
3,633omowale lawalNov 30, 2012
3,632rukayat ogunleyeNov 30, 2012
3,631moji dabiriNov 30, 2012
3,630bunmi oshoNov 30, 2012
3,629joy ogaluNov 30, 2012
3,628gloria Oko-anegbeteNov 30, 2012
3,627sadiq balogunNov 30, 2012
3,626kome oka aveNov 30, 2012
3,625omobolanle awosikaNov 29, 2012
3,624Kechy EkeNov 28, 2012
3,623Funsho OkeNov 28, 2012
3,622fisayo fadeluNov 28, 2012
3,621Seun BakareNov 28, 2012

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136 comments on “Join The Petition For An Aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill #aluu4 #NeverAgainNG

  1. This is a great article Ofili. Today, I posted a similar article on my blog and now that I have read yours, it almost seems like we shared notes. Anyway, I must commend you on your effort with the proposed bill. I have read it and find it very well though out. I have also signed in support of the bill and spread the word. If you would like to read my post, you can access it via this link. Comments are welcome. Thanks!
    Nnamdi Nnake latest post is New Theme: Runo LiteMy Profile

  2. I’m in full support and I have a good feeling that this bill will see the light of day. There is hope yet for our motherland. Nice one, Ofili.

  3. Elero d1st on said:

    I think that community may never know peace again. Even, the generations that will come out of that place must seek for devine deliverance in order to be above the course that is ranging in the land till eternity.

  4. Elero, it is not just that community, it is the whole nation. If we do nothing now, mob justice will eventually consume us. How many people have been victims of mob action in Nigeria? Countless. We must institute the rule of law and allow a defined process determine how alleged offenders are prosecuted. If not, you and I may be victims tomorrow. That’s why this proposal is a brilliant idea. Sign it and share to the people in your circle. Thanks!

  5. Thank you Ofili for the initiative. I will be honest with you, I never heard of you or any such bill. Up till the time I saw your post I thought of ways and means of getting back at the people of Umuokiri Aluu. I rationalized, how could a whole community stand by and do nothing while this heinous injustice was going on, I pronounced judgment, they must all pay. This is a more constructive move. I join all others in praying for the bill to sail through. WE DO NEED SUCH A BILL. Well my brothers Ugonna, Chiadika, Tekena and Lloyd, I know you will rest in peace, you have achieved something you might never achieve if you had lived longer, you are immortalized in our hearts.

  6. Bialalori on said:

    I like the fact there is long term action being taken beyond the emotional uproar. However, the need for a multi-dimensional mobilisation strategy exists. I’d love to help out. Please reach me on my email address if you are down.

  7. Shazman on said:

    If people take the law into their hands because they have lost confidence in the justice system, and this mob lynch law is just one piece of the justice system, then it would just amount to a publicity stunt for the advocates of this bill to insist on promoting it.

    Lets instead promote the implementation of effective justice by fighting impunity in all aspects of governance in the society. This we can start by limiting the powers of Governors, Presidents, legislators, Judges, and law enforcement agents through constitutional amendments that introduce stringent checks and balances.

    This I believe will restore confidence in the justice system and make it unnecessary for citizens to seek self help, and will render a law against lynching totally unnecessary.

    • Ofili

      Having a Mob Justice bill does not weaken the fight against Mob Justice and also does not stop us for fighting the implementation of an effective justice system.

      If you read the post you will see that that was addressed.

    • Hi Shazman,

      Great point! Your position is understandable but I wish to state that having this Bill would strengthen not weaken the justice system.

      In addition, you should know that individuals can also push for laws to be created. So this is not a publicity stunt as you have noted.


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  9. Let’s do it! Let’s help stp mob justice!! May d gentle souls of #aluu4 rest in perfect peace AMEN. Still can’t believe it happened 🙁

  10. charles on said:

    I’m so glad we’ll(Nigerians) are taking the bull by the horn by standing up for what is ‘right’. Other injustices are being commited in very low(inaudible) keys but the #aluu4 is sure a wake up call. The fight is endless, we must strive fo a better Nigeria.. Stop the injustice. Love y’ll folks, keep it up

  11. I felt outrage,anger and despair at the loss of those young men who had no clue what was to befall them and I was frustrated that people werent out there screaming for revenge.At least,this is an avenue to do something to seek Justice for them,it wont bring them back but at least the perpetrators must answer for this terrible and heinous crime against innocent boys.All I can say is this incident is haunting me to the extent that I cant sleep well and I cant stop thinking about it.whatever it takes to bring Justice,im in all the way.

  12. Great job Ofili! Its good knowing we still have Nigerians who are ready to speak. Unlike those who sit back and complain about stuffs and do nothing about them. I believe in this bill and I know we will hit d target.

  13. Chima Muoneke on said:

    It is horrible to see mob justice prevail in Nigeria and the culprit gets away with it and yet we claim to be a democratic nation. The Gov. Should wake up on its duty of protection of life, everyone has the right to live except when condemned to death by a competent jurisdiction. Even at that, death penalty is something that should be abolished. The 4Aluu killing is a shameful thing to this our great nation and demand justice. I whole heartily join the petition for a Nigerian law that explicitly prohibits Mob Justice.

  14. I felt a big anger and desapointed in our country NIGERIA at the loss of those young men who had no clue what was to befall them and I was frustrated that people werent out there screaming for revenge. At least,this is an avenue to do something to seek Justice for them, it wont bring them back but at least the perpetrators must answer for this terrible and heinous crime against innocent boys.All I can say is this incident is haunting me to the extent that I cant sleep well and I cant stop thinking about it.whatever it takes to bring Justice,im in all the way.

  15. Let justice be done on them, because the law say that he that kill an innocent soul shall be hang to death. so all those that r involved in this wicked art shall be hang. i believe in justice so justice most be don. Thanks Ofodili

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  17. Chileziemanya on said:

    Please, we need to be realistic in Nigeria.
    A law prohibiting Mob Justice is ok by me. But this article (I don’t know if it’s quoting the Senator Uche Chukwumerije) is portraying someone who stands and watches as worse than the people carrying out the “Mob Justice”. I want to know, how will the Nigerian police define “people who stand and watch”?

    • Okechukwu Ofili on said:

      The bill is not quoting anybody. It states the 2 senate offices that are reviewing the bill. The bill also is to deter people from standing and watching. That’s it’s goal.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is The Danger Of Hope #aluu4My Profile

  18. MacRobinson Anele on said:

    i support the bill , but the fact that Aluu is not the first town to carry out this act should not be ignored we have had more extrajudicial killings in Aba than anywhere in the east lets step up the ante no more Mob killings no matter where it happens , the village chief should be held liable or he produces the culprits

    • Okechukwu Ofili on said:

      Agreed! We are using aluu4 because it is the most recent. We are definitely doing this for all the other victims.

  19. Femi Longe on said:

    My Oga,

    Great one. Where can I see the full list of people who’ve signed the petition? I want to see my number so I can tweet with that.


  20. @ Ofili tnx so much 4 bring up dis idea. am so glad i signed dis although i knw it wnt bring back ma college guyz buh i fink it will help us in d future. my hrt still bleeds each tym i remember hw they were club 2 death by thier follow country pple hw they plead 4 help buh no came 2 their aid.! may their soul rest in perfect peace Amen. letz do it!!!

  21. Ekpenyonganwan Agwara on said:

    Their deaths must be avenged. Govt must rise & take a decisive step to ensure that this callous act doesn’t repeat itself. That paramount ruler must face d full wrath of d law of ths country.

  22. chukwurah egoh on said:

    My heart bleeds. I suddennly don’t feel safe anymore in this Country. I just hope they rededicated their life to God during the mob attack… I pray for their parents n for Nigeria .
    Their death must not be in vain…
    RIP Aluu4

  23. Hello.. Discussed with some1 a few days ago, d issue of having such a law instituted in nigeria. So was glad to see someone had already taken up d initiative. Kudos Ofili. I pray d petition sees d light of d day, and made a law, Amen. Though u might need to make d ‘sign up’ app more responsive so as to allow more endorsements thru phones. Saying so coz i tried to sign up thru my phone, but couldn’t. Thanks.

    • Ofili

      We have been getting that issue. it works for some and not for others. We are stalled now because we are in the middle of the process. We will keep investigating how to fix it.

  24. It could have haPpened 2 anybody. Mob justice or wat I like 2 call jungle justice must stop.This year alone I have about 5 pictures of individuals (females) who were stripped 4 allegedly stealing phones, can you imagine?In this same country people cart away with billions n we do nothing o! A lot of people lamented n shouted when this happened, where r they now? # initial gragra# that’s what we do Nigeria. @ Ofili n all the people involved in this thanks a lot. I will spread d word. Una weldone

    • Ofili

      Thanks Bibi…it’s a collective effort with and many others. We are pushing and pushing to the best of our ability. Something will have to give.

  25. I am glad that the youths of this great country are initiating this drive. Enough is trully enough.
    My prayer is that we don’t get burned out, frustrated or tired. Lets see this to the very end and may success be ours.

  26. arinola otukoya on said:

    It is so painful 2 still av 2 be on dis issue,takn away a life is a sin in d law it is a wen law takes no decision,den wat is our faith in law.nigeria as a whole has neva been fair in passn judgmnt both d one in d constitutn n d one dat it isn’t.a big has become internationally recgnized dat nigeria is full of bad governmnt.those kids whr worthy 2 live.I pray our leader witness dis to knw d pain these young boys parents r goin tru.a bitter livin in nigeria bt still our r demanded even in pain,sufferness.

  27. Amaka Idigo on said:

    I signed and shared this and hopefully this bill will come to reality! we have to do something fast because yesterday it was those boys, tomorrow we dont know who it might be, and frankly i’m tired of all these meaningless deaths!!!

  28. Dr. Eric Obi-Thomas on said:

    This is worth doing for the sake of these young further leaders that were brutally cut short in their prime and the sake of prosterity. So help us God.

  29. Remmy Alex Ojekunle on said:

    Mob justice is a barbaric action and I strongly condemned such action in its entirety. I support and share the action of this petition.

  30. foubai emmanuel on said:

    I’m fully in support of this proposed bill to put an end to this callus, inhuman, barbaric & wicked act perpetrated by the vampires in allu community & to ensure that such is never again repeated on this our God given land of nigeria

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