Addicted To Truth

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img_truth-campaign-decadeStop criticizing the Church or else you won’t get invited to speak there.

Stop accusing our schools of mis-educating our youths or else they will never allow you speak to their students.

Stop exposing the hypocrisy of our politicians or you may never get invited to Abuja to speak at that Conference.

In others words “OFILI” stop speaking the truth so that you can get paid!

But I can’t stop speaking the truth … I am addicted to it.

I don’t want to get paid for suppressing the truth.
I don’t want money for lying to the youths.

Or honorariums for honoring compromised Pastors.

All I want to do is speak the truth, whether is makes me famous or not.

Because the Truth at the end of the day is all that matters.

Speak the Truth! #AddictedToTruthAllergicToBullshit


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5 comments on “Addicted To Truth

  1. Yeah.

    The truth goes through 3 stages so says a German Professor.
    first: it is ridiculed,
    secondly: it is violently opposed,
    thirdly: it is accepted as self evident.

    We speakers need to know that we can’t please everyone, and an attempt to do that will lead to frustration. If they refuse to invite us to hear the truth, we will organize our own events and force the truth to them.

    Don’t stop saying the truth Bro.
    They must hear it by fire by force.

  2. But Ofili, I remember a time in my church, when we had a reading club, your book was one of the books we read. I also remember saying to someone who knows you to ask you to come speak at our church and she said something of which the summary is you wouldn’t come.
    Maybe you should also let us know why you wouldn’t accept invites to speak at churches when you are invited to

    • Ofili

      Not true. I have spoken at several churches and have never rejected an invitation to speak at a church (except I am out of town or unable to physically attend). I have also spoken at Christian schools and political conferences in Abuja.

      Understand that the article like many articles is not absolute. Meaning that yes a lot of churches will not invite me to speak because of my views, but that does not mean ALL churches or schools will not invite me.

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