Okechukwu Ofili wasn’t supposed to become an artist or author and definitely not an entrepreneur. He was not even supposed to graduate Secondary School. Early on in his Educational career, Okechukwu Ofili struggled academically especially with English. And many people and teachers did not give him a chance.

But he proved them wrong. Today, Okechukwu Ofili is a blogger known for his witty illustrations, an author of 4 books including “How Intelligence Kills,” is the founder of the fastest growing mobile book reading app in Africa in all while holding down a full time job as a Design/Project Engineer at a fortune 500 company.

Ofili utilizes his educational turn around to critically analyze the way we judge/measure intelligence in children. He argues against the school ranking system as an archaic and outdated measure of smartness, and instead believes that each child has their own unique way of learning that many parents and teachers fail to recognize.

It is this belief that pushes him to speak to students at any opportunity about their unique abilities, encouraging them to ignore the negative things that others say and instead find the talent that lies deep inside of them. Ofili’s work has seen him travel across the globe addressing students and teachers about the multi-dimensionality of intelligence, utilizing his colorful sketches and disruptive thinking to drive home his message!

“I can confidently say that meeting OFILI [you] at PROMES my first month in America has been the most defining moment in my adult life.”
Adelanwa Adesanya (University Of Houston Student)

“Your book (How Stupidity Saved My Life) is the first of its kind which I ever picked from Silverbird Bookstore Accra Ghana and read non-stop page by page until I gulped all the pages.”
Festus Obianwu (Accra, Ghana)