5 Really Weird Things About Me That I Do Not Even Know Are Weird

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weirdI used to think I lived a pretty normal life, until I started sharing my daily activities with people and then saw how their eyes lit up in disbelief! That’s when I realized that I lived a pretty weird life.

Not that I have any problem with my weirdness, but I thought it would be interesting to share some of my most eye-popping weird things with you guys. My hope is that someone out there is as weird as me so I can feel better about my weirdness. So here goes … 5 Really Weird Things About Me That I Don’t Even Know Are Weird.

#1 I Don’t Watch Television

I don’t mean that when I see a television I hide or run under the table. But that I have not paid for DSTV in Nigeria or Comcast in Houston or anywhere since 2012! I rather just watch the internet on my laptop via my wi-fi connection. On the internet I am able to keep up with activities via blogs and live-stream. And if I need to watch an EPL game, I drive down to a bar. The only thing I use my Television for is to watch DVD’s in high-resolution, but even that is no more as I no longer own a Television, I gave it out. Talking about giving things out, let’s head on to #2

#2 I Am A Minimalist

I don’t like junk or clutter, I throw things away quicker than Stephen Curry throws down three-pointers! I just don’t like clutter (sorry for repeating) and it does not help that I am very (emphasis on very) allergic to dust. Dust makes me sneeze uncontrollably … thus I am subconsciously extra careful not to accumulate stuff so that they don’t gather dust.

So I give my stuff away … if I have not worn a shirt or trousers for like 3 months … I pack it up and give it out. And if no one will take it, I throw it away. It’s a bad habit some people say, its weird they say, but to me its normal. Even when I get a plaque/award for speaking at a University or Organization, I receive it grudgingly. In the back of my mind I would rather they give me cash or nothing at all, because I would always be thinking about all the dust that plaque would attract sitting on my shelf…

#3 I Watch Movies Alone

This would probably be a good time to mention that I am an introvert. So I revel in the company of my mind, I get anxious around large crowds so I love going to the movie-theater to escape from humanity watch movies alone. It gives me time to think and reflect!

#4 I Am Addicted to Water

Or maybe water is addicted to me …

I drink water…lots of water. In fact I am so addicted to water that I can drink a 150 cl bottle of water in one gulp back to back. I just feel there is something magical and pure about water so I put lots of it in my body. In addition to that, I don’t drink soda. The only time I drink soda (or mineral as we call it here in Nigeria) is when I have no option … like when the Lagos heat/sun literarily holds a gun to my head and forces me to drink Coca-Cola!

#5 I Have Not Cooked A Single Meal Since 2013

And no … I am not the type of man who is looking or expecting a woman to cook for me!

I just don’t consider myself a food lover. I just want to get my meal over with and move on to other things. That’s why if you watch me eat, its like Sonic the hedgehog on crack! I eat fast. Sometimes I get so into my writings that I forget to eat. I wish someone will invent beans and plantain smoothie so I can just drink it and get back to work.

But back to not cooking and how it all began …

Sometime in 2013, I realized that as a Bachelor I was spending a lot of time fumbling around in the kitchen. Turns out that it was more efficient and cheaper for me to eat all my meals outside my house. Meaning I spent less money plus I did not have to keep messy food in my house or in my waste bin … so my house was cleaner and even more minimalistic. Plus not cooking added more time to my life and to be frank I never enjoyed cooking … my current one bedroom has no microwave, no cooker and my fridge is basically a book-shelf.

#6 Bonus Weirdness

Recently I stopped eating meat. I can’t fully explain why yet … I just know I stopped eating meat. And doing that in Nigeria is tough, not because of lack of non-meat food options but the look people give you when you tell them you don’t want meat!

But its been a fun challenging act of weirdness. I will see how long it lasts…and if I do last long I will write an article on why I stopped eating meat. Other weird stuff that did not make the list include my love of smelling books and my inability to smile in pictures.

So that’s that with my list of weirdness. If you think you have weirder stuff than this please share with us, I want to make sure I am not alone…

twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Read his crazy titled books on konga or okadabooks
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34 comments on “5 Really Weird Things About Me That I Do Not Even Know Are Weird

  1. Beans and plantain smoothie would be an awesome invention. You should find a lot of #1 colleagues, TV watches us these days. I stopped eating meat as a child, i always requested for snails only, further spreading accusations of abiku behaviour.

    Happy weirdness,all the same

  2. I don’t think they are that weird. For example you would find many companions at #1 ,I’ve gone months without watching TV. Am sure there are weirder stuff out there. So keep calm…hehe..

  3. interesting stuff. Okay, so we have #2 and #3 in common. I also do not like clutter, and will give or throwaway things I haven’t used in 3-6 months. I also love watching movies alone. Unlike most people, I do not mind my own company.

    Some weird thing about me: If i find myself thinking of something I would rather not think about, I either snap my fingers, clap my hands, or growl silently to distract myself. Also, if I am writing an academic paper (20-50 pages), I will jump into the shower anytime I have writers block. This means I might take 5-7 baths in a day. It is a terrible habit, but it actually gets my brain moving again. Done!
    Monale A. (@VersatileNaija) latest post is Can We Help Adaeze? #SaveALifeMy Profile

  4. We actually have about 4 in common.. I eat out alot and I actually save money and TIME. People don’t understand it since I talk about personal finance.

  5. You’re pretty weird, lol! The beans and plantain smoothie was just the height for me, but your weirdness is what makes you….YOU so good for you.

  6. I hate writing. I mean handwriting. I believe its unreasonable torture.
    I dont like a lot of things, or people.
    My room is my fortress.
    If i have a lot of things on my mind and i need to think, i like going for a drive.
    Music makes me horny even though I’m a music producer.
    I am a full scale pessimist. I am extremely good with numbers.
    heshar latest post is Against the world (The one that doesn’t walk)My Profile

  7. Fati on said:

    I like to smell new books – it gives me a high that I cannot explain so I still by physical books for my over-crowded shelves (and cartons) despite having access to ebooks….and Okada book subscription (wink, wink).

    You cannot open my new books or magazines before me – I turn into a fire breathing monster if you crack the spine of my books or try to open even the first page before me. The owner.

    I can spend days in my bedroom without stepping outside the doors – I do not mind being alone with my thoughts, books and Internet. The TV can be on or off.

    I live for cake – even my colleagues know that if they need to poison me, that would be the way to go.

    I join you in the category of poor people who cannot “afford” meat (as Nigerians think) – however I have days when suya and chicken barbecue are on my mind ALL day long and I must eat it in large chunks.

    I cannot stand an un-made bed. The room may be upside down, but the bed MUST be laid….even if someone is lying down on one side. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

    Long live the weird ones:)

  8. Fati on said:

    Excuse any typographical and grammatical errors (eg. Buy).

    I am at a management meeting (tee,hee, hee).

  9. toyin on said:

    My wiredness is funny 2 me myself like I like listening 2 fuji music (saheed osupa fans 2 d core) in loud speaker @home with lot of smile but in my phone I gat d latest hip hop (all genre even the new album of meek mill #DWMTM) and I’m happy with it too

    Ofili isn’t it funny?

    By meek mill cold heart featurind p. Diddy is my best track from his album

  10. Omooba on said:

    I also hate handwriting. (I’ve never had a good handwriting).
    I feel funny in the presence of many people.
    I hate owambes.
    I think you are not wierd, Ofili.

  11. yesBoss on said:

    They aint weird to me o, but concerning meat most people wud think u don’t have enough money to buy a meal wit meat; it implies u r so hungry n buying meat won’t make u belly full. Mayb wen they giv u that look u tell ’em u r a Veggie. *smiles*

  12. Ronke Adeleke on said:

    My only sister calls it one of my many OCD behaviours, but I have this need to always wash my feet or hands. If water should mistakenly pour on one limb, the other has to get doused as well.

    My room is an utter mess but selfmade. I can’t stand when someone else comes in and either arranges or adds to the mess.


    we’re all weird. Maybe some more than others. But each equally so.

  13. I don’t watch TV, I can’t remember the last time my TV was turned on.

    I don’t like water (am crazy, right?) Sometimes I forget to drink water, until I fell sick. The doctor gave me drug, and that drug was water. I drank lots of water for few months, and am back to not taking water. I need deliverance to start drinking water (Lol)

  14. Hmmm. We share your list (and even the jaras) except nos 2,5&6 in which case the exact opposite is for me. Funny enough, I didn’t like meat when I was younger. Used to drive my mum nuts.

    I love cold dark places. I can spend months indoors (preferably with the shades drawn), only going out to church. Not crazy about sweating under the hot sun. I read best under my bed. Under, not on. My sister calls me a vampire.

    I suffer mildly from dermatilomania. I don’t bite my fingers, I pick the skin around them instead. Quite gross but…
    I’m the life of a party but I hate to go out. You drag me to attend and then chase me to go back home lol. My Mata plenty but no strength to reason all of them.

    Beans and plantain smoothie? inyama. Na wa o.

  15. Raffy on said:

    In the spirit of weirdness, let mi share a few things people find weird about mi. 1. I don’t take soda too. I haven’t taken one in 12yrs.2. I love my space and am a strong unrepentant radio addict. 3. I hate food.I only eat it to survive.

  16. My weird behavior?
    Arrange the eggs on a crate line by line for Christ’s sake.
    Don’t skip one spot and go to the next,arranging it jaga jaga.

  17. Lol. You and I have 1, 3, and 4 in common. I have a TV in my room, which does the job of gathering dust.

    I cook almost every single day, for myself alone, anyway. I cook and cut very fast, as I don’t like to eat out, and save a lot of money cooking freshly for myself. One of my strengths is cooking great meals on a tight budget – and no, this is not an advertisement, lol.
    @ilola latest post is My Baffling Instagram RelationshipMy Profile

  18. You’re not as weird as weirdness is concerned…living in trees is weird, wearing pants as in putu alone is weird…you are just like every regular unconventional beinhg

  19. Quinn on said:

    mmh. people tell me its weird but I love cats, prefer staying in my room, love smelling books and I occasionally…sorry always blow air on my hands from my mouth, like always.

  20. Josephine Odion on said:

    I can totally relate to 1, 2, 4 and 6…. They are SO ME. Its nice to know we share a few things in common. As for #5, I only cook when I have company or I’m visiting family and close friends. But I live alone, and I would rather just eat out and move on with my day than cook and clean up after myself, EVERY SINGLE DAY, I mean, like, why?

  21. Ifeoluwa on said:

    Weirdness is good, on so many levels. It makes you stand out…makes you different. I’m weird on so many levels and i’d rather just stick with myself than explain why i do some things the way i do. And about the water thingy, I totally agree with you. I love water so much so that I started thinking there was something wrong with me, so I googled it. Lmao…Google called it WATER INTOXICATION.

  22. We all wired in our own way I thing cooking is a necessary evil. Some don’t hv a choice. Mine is I lyk to arrange my money in serial order. And spend it that way. Plus I Don’t easily let go of mint.

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