4 Things That Happen When Shit Happens In Nigeria

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When Shit Happens in Nigeria…it is reported in four distinct ways. I first began noticing this when I realized that blogs sites for the most part, repeat the same news, but just in a different way…

Firstly, you have the lindaikeji type blogs, who are well versed in predicting shit even before shit happens. If you meet Linda for instance and she tells you that you might be pregnant, you better take her seriously cause you might be having triplets! The news breaks on these sites first…but they are not always detailed and often times some of the news have to be retracted or corrected…but that’s why we like them.

Then you have bellanaija type blogs, they know shit has happened, but won’t say shit has happened until they confirm where exactly it happened, when exactly it happened and who exactly it happened to. When they report their shit, it is normally detailed shit and they are normally accurate.

Thirdly, you have the ynaija.com type sites, they are the politicization factories of Nigeria. They have oped writers for everyday of the week (really they do) that try to spin the political angle of shit. So when shit happens, they will probably have an oped titled “How The Shit That Happened Affects the price of Garri and Pure Water in Nigeria.” They report shit late but are able to relate the shit to the Economy and to you.

Lastly, you have my favorite…the old school newspaper prints. They confirm shit has happened days weeks after shit has been confirmed to have happened. They are fast becoming extinct sources of shit happening news and are slowly transitioning to electronic websites. But for the most part are still a relevant source of shit happening news for those without computers.

And there you have it…the 4 distinct things that happen when shit happens in Nigeria…feel free to agree or disagree and remember…make your own shit happen…

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31 comments on “4 Things That Happen When Shit Happens In Nigeria

  1. Nice shit stuff. + I love reading the comments esp on Linda’s blog, I laff d shit out all d tym. Simple,true and precise, weldone.

  2. Too many of δ lindaikeji’s… Ilove δ Bellas’ atleast dey confirm.. Lmao @δ Y!naija’s truly dey re politicians… Get people to blog for em nd ds pple jst copy n paste international blogs n news! Wt no referrence! Oro won ti su mi….
    Btw ilove ur space @ofili..

  3. This blog can definately cure cancer, even HIV sef *smiles*. This is Naija where every one has a blog…. I love this post! This is the 3rd time ayam reading it…… And that drawing is on point.

  4. Un1nhibit3d on said:

    On the transport wahala in Abj a few weeks ago, a news commentary started with the reporter giving us the Oxford dictionary’s meaning of ‘transportation’…

  5. Ofili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love reading your posts. They are sooo creative and true too….(most of d time)…just kidding. You’re sure talented. Thanks for inspiring.

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  7. Quiper on said:

    Lol! Thanks for the stroking – “How The Shit That Happened Affects the price of Garri and Pure Water in Nigeria.”

  8. Wande on said:

    Oh you forgot Nairaland where a Shithread is started and the shit is then dis (cussed)d and abused by 12-19 year-olds for hours on end abusing the tribe and ethnicity of the location and the people where the shit happened.

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