4 Shocking Things I Noticed While In Ghana

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So this past weekend I visited Ghana for this TEDx Conference. And while I stayed on a University Campus for only 3 days, I was able to notice somethings that were really shocking. So shocking, that I was tugging my host, like “did you see that!” Here are a list of the 4 most shocking things I saw in Ghana.

1. White People Walking/Driving Around Town With No Escorts

I mean when we saw them walking around the streets of Cape Coast at 2am at night, I thought it was just an error, then I saw them again in Accra! White people, just walking around without a care in the world. It was quite scary, like a Zombie movie except this was real life!


2. No Road Checkpoints

We drove from Cape Coast to Accra, which is about a 150 kilometers for over 2 hours and during that time I did not see a single check point! Not one single one, maybe I overslept or had too much to drink, but I swear … there was no road safety, no military or army, no police check point, no customs officers, nothing. Maybe it was a Ghanaian public holiday for public officials or maybe the officials had gone out partying …


3. Lots of Empty Filling Stations

We saw an empty filling station and it reminded me of Fuel Scarcity at home … up until the point a car drove into the station and bought fuel just like that!

All over the city they were empty filling stations selling fuel to about 2-3 cars at a time, there were no kegs, no fighting, no long lines, no screaming or shouting. Just enter and buy fuel. #boring

I was almost tempted to buy some fuel and take with me as a souvenir in my Ghana-must-go-bag … but I changed my mind in the last minute.

4. Jollof Rice

I think Ghana is going through some sort of pepper or salt shortage or it could be a spice shortage in general. Because when I ate their Jollof rice, I thought I was eating paper.


I don’t know what is going on there. But with the spice drought in Ghana, I see a big business opportunity for Nigerian’s to export premium spices to Ghana … think ofilispices.com. I will start typing up my Business Plan as soon as NEPA brings the light …

Back Home

My trip was quite CRAZY for many reasons, from the things I observed to the things I experienced. I am just glad to be back home in Nigeria where things are normal … such as packed filling stations, road blocks at every corner of the city and sweet spicy jollof rice!

twitterWords by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
Follow him on Twitter
Stalk him on Instagram
Read his crazy titled books on konga or okadabooks
Feed his children at…no wait he has no kids…. 

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22 comments on “4 Shocking Things I Noticed While In Ghana

  1. Omooba on said:

    Oh dear! You got me at the jollof rice spices…

    It’s really a sad commentary on the state of the Nigerian nation.

  2. Chukwuma on said:

    Buhahahaaaaaaaaaaaa #ghanajollof nna mehnnnnnn I’m relocating too ghana just because of the other things…

  3. Jeffrey Jude
    Jeffrey Jude on said:

    Lol… Really funny….
    Ofili you’ve not yet replied my email ooo…. I’m still waiting…

  4. Hahabaha very funny you should brought the souvenir(fuel) and Sell it here @ home or use it for generator so dt u can write ur business proposal

  5. Even Nigerians who are a bit rich can hardly drive without escorts talk less of whites. Na our open eye for money cause our problem. Nice piece though.

  6. Christian chinedu on said:

    Ofili, compliments. I reckon your experience would have been even more shocking, but for the influx of Nigerians in recent years. I suppose it is still a peaceful country though. God bless Nigeria.

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