4 Awesome #GirlBoss No Bullshit Business Advice

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So while waltzing around my favorite hang out spot … the toy-store bookstore … I stumbled upon a book called Girl Boss written by Sophia Amoruso the founder of nastygal.com one of the biggest largest fashion labels in world!

Now I have no idea why I picked up the book, maybe it was the title #GIRLBOSS mixed with my bi-curiosity tendencies. Anyway I was eager to discover the world of the #girlboss, so I opened it up and fell into a sludge of complete no bullshit business advise.

I found my self hmmmm-ing out loud and I had not even paid for the book yet!

Anyway, I eventually bought it and well … just like sex I did not want the book to finish. I tried to enjoy it for as long as I could, but alas all good things have to come to an end. But this was a ride worth taking because I learned a lot about business and entrepreneurship. I created a collage of 4 of the most important tips I got from the book.

1. The only thing I smoke is my competition: No shade to the smokers on here, but if you have to smoke something … smoke your competition. Its much healthier.

2. Treat your mind like your money. Don’t waste it: Ain’t that the truth! Some people will spend hundreds of dollars to get the VIP section in that club to drink that VIP champagne that they will piss out the next morning. But won’t spend a dime to read a business or investment book and will wonder why the money just dey disappear.

3. Money looks better in the bank than on your feet: Gbam! The moment some people get money, they are off to buy the latest Prada or BMW. Some entrepreneurs will not even make any money in their business before they start renting out the 5 star office space on the Island. Word of advice … “compound interests” invest that shit. Money dressed up in compound interest looks sexy as shit!

4. Dream Big Start Small: I would modify it to say…dream big start small but whatever you do … start! THE END

PS: Let me know what tip spoke to you and do share some business tips or examples. Be awesome!


twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Read his crazy titled books on konga or okadabooks
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16 comments on “4 Awesome #GirlBoss No Bullshit Business Advice

  1. Business tips are so like writing tips, and I think all writers are entrepreneurs anyway.
    From the above my best tip is “Dream big and start” (again, very writerly). I also like “treat your money like your mind”.

    My personal business tip: Pay yourself. I.e. Pay yourself like you are paying an employee’s salary; a salary separate from what you are going to spend on rent, bills, food and other expenses.

  2. Hi… Dream big, start small is pretty awesome advice to give. ‘Start anyhow you can, just try to start’ is also a great piece of advice. Starting requires lots of courage, confidence in ones self and a strong will.

    No 3 is another tip that gave me pause. Wearing a designer bag on an arm to show status is really not an investment, never mind “looking the part”.

    Thanks for sharing from the book with us.

  3. Miss Chibuzo on said:

    For me its…..Money looks better in the bank than on your feet….
    Sometimes it baffles me how people struggle so hard, become so rich and then spend so much money on irrelevant luxuries especially those with depreciating value when there is so much to be done with the money…….if not for yourself, at least for the person next door who is in need.

    I watched a documentary (cant remember where) of a foreign footballer (cant remember his name or his club) who after retirement became so poor that he took a menial job at a restaurant to provide for his family. My question is where did all the money go?

    For every entrepreneur…I guess another advice is…while starting up or even in the business you doing presently, prepare or plan for failure because it may not turn out the way you planned. It doesn’t mean you are being negative, it’s simply having a PLAN B and that is being SMART!

  4. They all spoke to me but number 3 resounded deeply!
    I once went to a seminar where the speaker told ladies that we are old enough to invest in lands and not just shoes and bags.
    Seeing that tip here again reminds me of lots of things that I should be inculcating in my finance/life.
    frances latest post is My Cooking Skills Do Not Define MeMy Profile

  5. oh my! I just read one of your posts on Bella naija and i’m stuck on you! Gosh, i’ve been looking for blogs like yours that add value and would feed my mind.

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