Second Place: Contest

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Over 25 applications were received for the 2nd annual contest and the $250 second place entry below was written by Royal Scales from the Woodlands College Park High School.

It is by neither coincidence nor chance that we differ. We are diverse by design. As individuals, we each posses traits unique to us. Most everyone can see the immediate truth- no two people are exactly alike. What is often out of view for most is the bigger picture; the fact that we are each only pieces of something much larger, a sort of puzzle. In a puzzle each piece has its own place, and the puzzle is made in such a way that if a single puzzle piece is missing or in the wrong spot the entire puzzle is ruined. The most obvious fact is hidden in plain sight. The pieces that are similar aren’t supposed to grouped together and isolated. This is my interpretation of what the picture says. Reality is separation, bold and tangible, while diversity looms in the horizon, a constant reminder that the puzzle isn’t finished. In the picture diversity is faint, but not invisible. We as global citizens need realize that our loyalties should not only be to those who look like us, but ultimately to those with which we share
this planet. When this is achieved, we will have managed to touch something dreamlike and make it real.

In order to improve diversity in, we must obliterate our out dated ways of thinking and venture
outside of our comfort zone to reconstruct our thoughts from scratch. We have been taught to tolerate one another when diversity demands that we love one another. We have been taught uniformity when the very definition of diversity is multiformity. We have been taught that we will not be accepted by those who don’t share our skin color when diversity has told us long ago that each piece fits and belongs in the puzzle. The first step is to forgive and forget. Progress is made by moving forward, but moving forward requires letting go of what holds us back- past discrepancies, wrongful deeds done against us, the wars of our fathers’ fathers, and so much more. Weaknesses must be exposed and healed by the strengths of others that we may all be strong. Opportunities are to be shared, not tucked away and hidden for individual advancement. It is when things are kept exclusively for a certain section of
the population that segregation thrives and we are made weak. If diversity is to improve, fear of unfamiliarity and the state of mind that you “don’t fit in” cannot be obstacles. Diversity will be gradual, one may feel like the only person making an effort at first, but in time the difference will be evident. Stereotypes for all races must be eliminated, a single preconceived opinion about a person’s ethnicity is enough to cause the misjudgment of billions of people. In order to be more diverse, we must conform to nonconformity.

We must never forget that all people, no matter their color, sleep under the same skies and we
must always remember that each act of courage brings us one step closer to finishing the puzzle.

Royal Scales attends The Woodlands College Park High School where she participates in Guitar Club and Interact (an organization that volunteers within the school as well as other schools and local businesses). Although all of her upper level classes are time consuming, she still makes time to be a Girl Scout and compete on the school’s swim team. Whenever she gets a hold of some spare time, she enjoy riding my bike, photography, listening to music, hiking, and just spending time with her family.


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